Mobile phone and tablet that can also cook, whip and drill

Apps play an important role in mobile devices these days, basically allowing phones and tablet computers to lend themselves to customization and for users to get the best out of these devices. These apps though, are limited to software application, limited by the character of the gadgets themselves. What if the apps could get some “physical” work done as well. That happens to be the area explored by Vil Tsimenzin‘s latest design, the PRAX concepts. The mobile phone and tablet for the “Practical Apps Optimization Enabled Devices” (PAOE) enable these gadgets to do physical work as well.

Your tablet could heat your food, whip cream or even drill holes in the wall, given the correct app, of course. Vil’s current lineup of PAOE applications include a stove top, drill, hammer, saw tooth and scales. The concept is far from reality and may take years, maybe decades to materialize; the reality is not lost to the designer as well. Vil says the PRAX concepts were created just for fun, and may be treated as spoofs.

[Thanks, Vil]

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