A guide to dealing with zombies in real time [Spoiler: zombies win]

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you may already have stocked weapons and zombie-proofed your vehicles. No matter what precautions you take, you may one day find yourself in a staring match with the zombies. That’s where the benefits of the Boo! interactive installation come into play. The idea of the installation appears somewhat simple, with the zombies behaving like ghosts from Super Mario World. If observers are looking at them, the zombies stay put; turn your head or close your eyes, and the zombies move forward.

The only way to keep zombies at bay is to win the staring match, but there’s a twist here, you cannot win. No matter how hard you stare at the zombies, they will ultimately catch up and devour their prey. So here’s your lesson: never get into a staring match with zombies, and always keep a shotgun (or two) handy, because nothing wins a match like a headshot. Boo! has been developed by Keyvane Alinaghi, Simon Lebon and Damien Marcha.

Via: CreativeApplications

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