A dip into the future with the 2050 BMW M3 concept

The 2050 BMW M3 is an independent design study by Daniel Nikonchik; giving us a peek into what the world of automobiles may look like, 40 years from now. Interestingly, the concept maintains BMW’s kidney grille, and the futuristic tidbits are incorporated with nanotechnology, fiber optics, and of course, a clean and powerful propulsion system. Paint on the vehicle also incorporates millions of nano-sized cameras, allowing the driver to see through the body panels in all directions, even though the supercar conspicuously lacks and windows or glasses.

Data from the cameras is fed to high-definition displays with depth perception, feeding a clean display to the driver even during the night, and allowing for the ability to zoom into road signs that are not yet in viewing distance. Interiors of the concept are fully digital with touch screen displays, allowing users to customize settings to their liking. Power for the supercar comes by means of a Hydrogen power cell powering electric motors at the rear wheels, the only byproduct of the propulsion system being water.

The vehicle has a solid shape, with no clearly visible exit and entrance for the driver. When the driver needs to get out or get in, the concept “opens up like a flower.” The front panel moves, using fiber optics to put on a great light show, accentuating the different parts of the vehicle, and preparing a grand entrance for the driver.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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