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I may be having trouble finding the words of a Zen master on gaming PCs, but this casemod would probably make the masters go all zen. Sitting in the peaceful box of zen, the system specs read MSI P35 plantinum board, with 4 gigs of XMS, Core 2 Duo overclocked to 3.2 Gigahertz, Nvidia N800, Barracuda HDD, and Thermaltake water cooling, temperature readout and power supply.

Staying true to the spirit, the system is cooled by a waterfall or a mineral oil fall to be specific. It’s all about love, peace and gaming. The oil is pumped to a radiator where it cools and flows down a through a waterfall being directed by bamboo panels to move in the right direction. The Zenputer has been created by Stephen Popa, whose creativity we’ve seen with the Aquarius, Scooterputer and Rog-R. Stephen’s sister helped with the Zenputer, co-creating the burning on the backplate that reads Love, Peace, Gaming, in Japanese. She Stephen also added a Bonsai tree and sand garden to the system, adding to its “Zen” feel.

[Thanks, Stephen]

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