Floating hotel designed to face global warming, we see redundancy

With the problems associated with climate change looming on the horizon, and precious little being done, we could be soon looking towards designs like the floating hotel. Designed by Russian firm Remistudio, and named the Ark, the floating hotel makes a bold attempt to see face to face to rising water levels by moving to the water. It can be something of a self-sustaining structure, gathering its energy from the sun, heat capture, and wind generators.

Plants inside the pre-fabricated system can even create their own little “ecosystem,” or so say the designers. Only thing, we do already have large floating hotel-like structures, we call them cruise ships. Making ships more efficient and green would be a huge step towards cleaning up the environment. Also, we don’t really need to be scared of massive floods.

Via: Remistudio, Inhabitat, Dvice

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