Five amazing examples where food is art

The old adage of not playing with your food worked well for me, because all I made was a mess. For some artists though, food becomes a medium of art, resulting in the creation of some amazing, awe-inspiring, and delicious looking pieces where food is art.

Crayons you can eat

Having nibbled at crayons, yours truly can attest that they aren’t the tastiest thing around. Thankfully, that isn’t the case for these edible crayons made by Luxirare. They are made from a mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, marshmellows and a few other things, all of which tell use they’re going to be a treat.

Food you can wear

Edible dressing isn’t anything new, and has been around in kinky circles for a while now. Food dresses from artist Sung Yeonju aren’t for the kinky, though their use as casual wear is of course questionable. But there always is Lady Gaga. These foody dresses did very well make the list, but they did have serious competition from the foody apparel of Ted Sabarese, mainly because he created waffle pants.

Classic paintings made from vegetables

Reproducing classic paintings by replacing paint with vegetables is always a tough nut to crack. That is how we introduce the trade of artist Ju Duoqi, who delves into veggies to create classics. We don’t recall anyone creating “The Last Supper” with so many vegetables to choose from.

Landscapes that are foodscapes
Artist Carl Warner creates intricate and amazing landscapes. And because we are talking about these on this list, you might have already guessed; these landscapes are made from food. Warner starts off by drawing a sketch, and then moves on to creating a delicious model with food.

Accessorising food is A Matter of Taste

Choosing the correct accessories to go along with you attire is always important, it shows your style, and your taste. Case in point is the series “A Matter of Taste” from photographer Fulvio Bonavia. The photographer presents stylish accessories, all made from edibles, and all full of taste.

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