Ginormous Lego-robotic chess set inspired by Harry Potter

The chess game in the first Harry Potter movie was pretty cool with those pieces magically moving around and smashing each other. That same scene was also the inspiration for this “Monsterchess” created by Steve Hassenplug out of more than 100,000 Lego pieces. Steve and his friends John Brost, Ron McRae and Bryan Bonahoom started with Lego baseplates and created a game where the robotic pieces actually have moving parts. Kings and Queens point there scepters, knights can kick their forelegs and the rook fires cannonballs.

A touchscreen PC connects to the entire board via Bluetooth, and can give directions to 7 pieces at a time. As you’d guess, a lot of work in this chess is done by Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kit.

Via: PopSci

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