Projection iPhone Next Generation concept projects the phone on weird hands of users

Since projection technology is gaining ground sounds like the next generation of gadgets, it is only natural we imagine our future crop of smartphones going the same way. Next G iPhone concept is an independent design from Samuel Lee Kwon, and it relies on projection technology. The user wears the concept strapped to the wrist, while the smartphone display is projected on the palm, which going by the rendering, is a very weird palm.

A single button is used to receive and disconnect calls, there’s a separate button for email and internet access, A 30-pin dock connector, and of course there is an iPod function. What seems to be missing in all this is a PHONE. Going by the form of the phone, the users will either be in perpetual headset land, or be pushing their wrists to their ears, neither is a very appealing scenario.

Via: YankoDesign, GizmoWatch

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