Tryton MM2 motorcycle concept secretly loves medieval weapons

Designer Vil Tsimenzin hopes to bring together elements of fantasy and plausibility into his designs. This adds a unique sense to his work, making it appear both plausible, and far-fetched at the same time. The Tryton MM2 motorcycle and the MM2 Roadster have both been created with classic automotive stylistic elegance in mind and somewhat glamorous return to basic travel. The battery powered motorcycle can go 132 miles on a single charge. It has the capability to achieve a top speed of 145mph, and can go from zero to 100 in a flash of 4.4 seconds.

Putting his imagination to use, Vil has added an unlikely feature to the Tryton MM2 bike. Seeing it as a knight’s jousting horse, the bike has been given a point for attaching weapons with a medieval theme. We think that goes very well with the bike’s strong stance.

[Thanks, Vil]

TRYTON MM2 Roadster

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