iArm forearm iPad mount is a weird twist to the story

Okay, so you can strap on the iPod nano to your wrist and have it do a watch’s work, but that will feel inadequate once you get the iArm forearm mount for the iPad. Yes, it allows you to carry the iPad on your forearm, or if you like, even a Kindle. It’s optional multimount can let you strap on three objects to the forearm so when it’s not the iPad on your wrist, it is remotes to get your work done. Going by the images on the product, it will even let you strap a plate on to the wrist and have food, but that won’t be a necessity if you can have the iPad there. Thankfully, it is a “prank product” and you’ll only by an empty box for $8.

Via: ChipChick, NerdApproved

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