Steampunk and papercraft converge for an amazing effect

Philip Valdez creates intricate Steampunk sculptures, and they very much look Victorian, except the part that they are mostly paper, and not bronze. A major part of his Steampunk creations is made of paper or cardboard, molded and painted in the Victorian style. Philip does use “real” wires, gauges and tubes where they may be necessary for function, but it is paper and cardboard that form the core of his work.

His favorite creation is the Steampunk Mech, which we can all agree, is awesome. With a Gatling gun and a missile launcher, the ten inch mech is scary. Plus, the gun was made to actually fire shots, so it would be all the more awesome.

The Victorian Mech is all about detail. It is all paper, no wires, no plastic, nothing. Yet the 11-inch tall mech is wonderfully detailed with gears, cogs, pipes, wires and even a gun. It looks intimidating enough, though it does require pennies placed in its feet to keep weighted.

Like his other creations, Philip’s Steampunk arm is basically cardboard and paper. He made use of Velcro to keep the Steampunk arm add-on on to his arm, and dental floss was made use of to control the functioning of fingers on the Steampunk arm.

There’s a lot more detail on Philip’s blog, where you can also see the amazing paper masks that he creates. Also, checkout his website.

[Thanks, Philip]

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