Telenoid R1 robot tries to substitute physical presence of humans

Let’s get this straight, the Telenoid R1 minimalist humanoid robot is creepy, and we’re not just saying that because of the way it looks (though that does add up the creepiness). Created by researchers at Japan’s Osaka University, the robot substitutes the physical presence of a remote human user. A face-tracking camera on the remote user’s computer captures the motion of the remote user, and the robot replays these movements in real time.

The remote user can even have the robot speak by transferring their voice through the bot’s embedded speakers. To aid for all this movement, the Telenoid R1 has nine actuators that move its eyes, mouth, head and the rudimentary limbs. Also, its silicone made “soft and pleasant skin texture and small, child-like body size” is supposed to make it endearing, we on the other hand, continue to find it creepy.

It’s not like this is just an academic project, the robot will be available for purchase in October. The high-end version will likely cost $35,000, while the low-end Telenoid will be priced substantially lower, at $8000.

Via: Telenoid, PinkTentacle

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