Ville bike is designed especially for grocery shopping sprees

Driving to the grocery store, walking to the grocery store, pushing the shopping cart, carrying the bags to the car, driving back. Whoa people, that’s a whole lot of work right there, but have no fear because the world will be saved by the Ville shopping cart bike. The ingenious idea of mating a shopping cart and a bike comes from designer Hyuk Jae Chang and was the winner of a bronze at the Idea design awards.

While in the biking mode, Ville looks like a standard folding bicycle with baskets up front and rear. Reach the store, and can be folded into a rolling shopping cart, complete with a tiny wheel to maintain balance. Something like Clark Kent and Superman, or Bruce Wayne and Batman, or something. Better than folding it into a shopping cart would be to drive the bike through the store, filling up its baskets.

Via: Designboom

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