BLANKS: Post apocalyptic robot exoskeletons made of reclaimed wood

BLANKS is a series of wooden Robots and robotic exoskeletons created by Tyler Jackson. Set in the post-apocalyptic world, the robotic exoskeleton would provide protection to its users against poisonous gases, viruses and scavengers. For the present and more importantly, the sculptures speak of the artist’s desire to reduce his carbon footprint and spread awareness about the environmental impact our actions have.

The robotic sculptures are made of found wood, and other objects the artist collected over several years. In the words of Tyler:

An interesting thing happened while I was creating these characters. I discovered the true importance of the hand of the artist in the work. Along the way there were natural flaws, bumps, and even some mistakes.
These little incidents give the work character and are not something that can be recreated in a factory, but only as a true product of the process. This is what makes the narrative compelling and the work truly unique.

[Thanks, Tyler]

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