Hamster ball for humans makes gaming a better experience

Humans are unlikely to be enthusiastic about entering hamster ball like things, but people would be more than glad to act like hamsters for this hamster ball. Literally an immersive experience for gaming in the virtual world, lets players enjoy running, walking or crawling in the virtual world while doing the same inside this ball.

Applications vary from playing first person shooters to virtual tours of historic architecture, but whatever you choose, the experience is likely to be amazing. Players wear a virtual-reality visor and walk into the 10-feet plastic sphere supported by 45 caster-mounted wheels on a platform, and an optical sensor to track motion. Gyroscopes, magnetometers and accelerometers on the headset help create the image that the player sees. Head mounted displays have two LCD screens.

The system was earlier used for military and police training, but it is now finding wider application. Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently installed the Virtusphere, and other installations are following suit.

Via: 360 Virtual Ventures, PopSci

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