Japanese firm plans giant solar plant on the moon for powering the Earth

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has a giant power plant in mind, for the moon. The LUNA RING concept intends to generate solar energy on the moon, which would then be transmitted for use on Earth. It is clearly no small idea, the design intends to cover the moon’s equator with a 6,800 miles long solar power generation plant. Energy generated by these solar panels will then be beamed to Earth, ideally giving us a huge supply of clean, green energy.

Energy collected by the solar belt will be sent to power conversion facilities on the moon, where the energy would be converted to lasers and microwaves, and beamed to the earth. Collection facilities on the Earth will capture these beams and convert them back into electricity for supply.

A very basic problem with the concept is getting all that construction equipment on the moon, which would naturally make the entire exercise prohibitively expensive. To get around the problem, designers propose that the construction would be done by robots, using resources available on the moon. Most of the robots can be controlled by humans from earth, while a station of astronauts on the moon supervises the project.

As is evident, the project isn’t possible anytime soon in the future, but it does seem like a possibility a few decades from now.

Via: PinkTentacle

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