Lego tank ‘Ogre’ is ready to wage war

Ogre is an autonomous robotic Lego tank created by Brian Davis. The plastic tank uses NXT to move, search, and destroy targets with Zamor spheres that it shoots through Hailstorm launchers. But making this powerful a machine completely autonomous isn’t a good idea, probably because it may go renegade and bring down an entire city. So, the creator added an option to manually control the tank by means of a standard PF remote.

There’s also a wireless webcam atop the tank so you can actually see what the robot sees. It is fun to see the tank autonomously search and destroy targets, though the sheer amount of spheres it throws reeks of overkill and probably makes cleaning up a tough job. But then I can’t create anything that remotely remotely resembles the prowess of the Ogre, so I’ll shut up and recommend you watch the video embedded below.

Via: Team Hassenplug

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