Guy Gets Himself a Gold Shirt, Wants to Impress the Ladies

Women, as we have been told stereotypically, have a love for things that shine and gold is very nearly at the top of that list. Inspired by that very idea, India’s Datta Phuge covered himself in what can scientifically be described as a boatload of gold, and even got himself a shirt made entirely out […]

Underwear Camouflage For Your Weiner

The world does not require logic for things to exist. For products, all you need is buyers, which probably is the reason for the existence of these undergarments that dress up a mans junk into various forms and designs. Don’t ask why, just shell the money. Available at Etsy.

Pokeball Belly Gives Birth To Pikachu Infant

If a pregnant woman’s belly looks like a pokeball, Pikachu is probably the best thing that can come out of it. The before and after shots you see here show a woman cosplaying her pregnant belly as a pokeball, followed by an adorable infant dressed as pikachu. Via Geekologie

The Creamer Made For Pervy Tendencies

Boobie Creamer sounds like a perfect way to start the day, with a helping of freshly squeezed milk. And it is not the least bit pervy or weird, because squishing boobies for milk is just the way things are intended to be. As a gag gift on the other hand, this thing might work wonders. […]

Oh Dear! Japanese Trend of Bagel Head Injections

While our mind refuses to believe this as real, we’ve long resigned to the fact that human beings are capable of doing some very weird stuff in the name of just trying it out. Bagel head injections probably fall into the same category. Allegedly a growing trend in Japan is for people to have a […]

What Cyborgs? Meet the Half-Anime, Half-Human Model

There are humans who turn themselves into dolls, and there are humans who would rather live as anime characters. Anime girls usually tend to be cute and sexy enough for real life, but turns out it’s best to be careful what we wish for.

Woah.. What’s With This Dude’s Skin? [video]

Gary “Stretch” Turner has the stretchiest skin we’ve ever seen. Unreliable sources tell us that he’s the first in a line of mutants. More intelligent and sane sources tell us that Mr. Turner suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that usually weakens blood vessels and joints. In Mr. Turner’s case, it has weakened […]

‘Personalized’ Urns for the Deceased

“Customized urns for the deceased” does not sound that alarming. It does get there quick once you realize that the customization includes making the urn look quite the same as the head of the deceased. Kick the bucket, come back as a creepy head that holds your own ashes. Gangsta Life? Via ProductPage, Neatorama

Stubbs the Cat is Mayor of Alaskan Town Since 15 Years

Generally, right now would be our cue to say something on the lines of And so it begins… but it has already been going on for 15 years. Truth be told, cats have been masters of the human race since ancient times; ask the Egyptians. Stubbs the cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna, an […]

Fundies: The Underwear for Two

Sometimes, you need to be close. Very close to someone. You know, so close that two fit in one underwear. Yep, that’s what true love feels like. Costs $10.95.