Chew Human Shaped Bread From The Body Part Bakery

Cannibalism may not be the most favorable of things, but nothing can be wrong with chomping down on bread that has an uncanny resemblance to human form. Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom creates these horrifyingly realistic bakery products that look strikingly similar to the human form and with enough detail to make you cringe. We’d make a PB&J sandwich out of that face, and puke our guts out before we manage to take a bite.

Legit Anti-Aging Treatment: Set Your Face on Fire Facial!

There’s a shit lot of things people would do to stay young or at the very least, appear younger. So we aren’t entirely surprised that folks wouldn’t mind setting their face on fire for a chance to look younger. Chinese beauty treatment Huǒ liáo. For the process, patrons get their face under a towel filled with alcohol and a special “elixir”. This magical mix is then lighted up and allowed to burn for a few seconds. Apparently, the treatment stimulates the skin to address dullness, sagging and wrinkles. Yup, that should work.

Underwear For Your iPhone

Apparently, it’s not good manners to let your phone go around naked. Sure you might have a case, but that only covers the rear while the phone continues to flash its junk up front. There’s still hope for the world, because now you could buy underwear for your iPhone and not feel weird. Okay, well, maybe a little, but remember you’re doing this for the phone’s good. If that’s any solace, there are a lot of patterns to choose from.

Wigs With Attached Unicorn Horns

After a delay that has lasted at least a few centuries, someone has had the good sense to present humans with one of their most needed things: unicorn horns. These costume wigs come with pre-attached unicorn horns and ears to go along, thus completing an attire that should be the norm for social conduct. The wigs come in multiple colors so you have a free run towards choosing ones that suit your hooves. Available at Etsy.

Spiders Are Flying Across the Brazilian Sky

Now I don’t want to scare anyone, or soil my pants which I just totally did because spiders are flying across the skies in Brazil. I might be thousands of miles from Brazil, but the thought of flying spiders can make anyone crap anywhere. The video was taken by Erick Reis, of the sight he saw as he left a friend’s house. The spiders happen to be hanging down from poles and overhead wires, which you might want to think is not as scary as actual flying spiders, but just look at their size and the number. Clearly, the only solution left is to nuke these things from orbit.

Coffin With Onboard Sound System

Science, amongst other things tends to make us believe that the dead cannot quite appreciate music or sound. Well, for no reason whatsoever, there exists this coffin that includes an onboard sound system and a touchscreen remote control that can be installed at the gravestone. We have no idea how long the battery of the system lasts, but even so, spending $35000 so that random folk can play music in the coffin that no one hears is kind of odd.