Star Trek Wine

Vinport is selling the flavor of Star Trek in wines. The collection includes three wines for three famous episodes from the original series, and such come labelled as The Trouble with Tribbles, The City on the Edge of Forever, and Mirror Mirror. Putting up the scenario of same wine, new bottle, all three of the bottles hold the same wine with the difference only limited to label graphics.

Vineyard Uses Wine For Ink

Polish Winery Casa Mariol found a great way to promote its wine as a business gift, they sent potential partners and customers ink pens filled with the wine. They transformed their finest Cabernet Sauvignon to a consistency where it could be used as ink and write like a normal pen, except the added charm of using a fine wine as ink. Sent in specially designed mailing, the package included a form that the receiver could fill out to order more wine. A creative way towards targeted advertising.

Wine Tank Keeps Your Glass of Wine Full

This may not be among the most intelligent or good looking creations, but if you continuously want wine in your glass, this thing can do that easy. Except of the part where it has a huge glass bulb to hold the wine. As you sip, more wine flows in from the reservoir, keeping a healthy supply of wine for the glass. Though we have to wonder how awkward this thing would get with all its weight. Costs ~$410.

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Chateau Margaux Architectural Wine Cabinet is where the rich guys keep their wine

Despite its ridiculously large name, the Chateau Margaux Architectural Wine Cabinet is like, the coolest place to keep your wine. The handcrafted wine cabinet has a model of the Chateau Margaux on top of it, below which are two doors that give access to five drawers, each of which can hold three bottles of wine.

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