Star Trek Wine

Vinport is selling the flavor of Star Trek in wines. The collection includes three wines for three famous episodes from the original series, and such come labelled as The Trouble with Tribbles, The City on the Edge of Forever, and Mirror Mirror. Putting up the scenario of same wine, new bottle, all three of the […]

Alcohol Tote Bags Have Some Wit About Them

You never know when a wise ass remark will get you off the hook for sipping alcohol where you shouldn’t be. Or just let the style and attempted wit of these tote bags be your excuse for buying them. They are good enough to hold a bottle of wine or juice, and look sufficiently good […]

Vineyard Uses Wine For Ink

Polish Winery Casa Mariol found a great way to promote its wine as a business gift, they sent potential partners and customers ink pens filled with the wine. They transformed their finest Cabernet Sauvignon to a consistency where it could be used as ink and write like a normal pen, except the added charm of […]

Incognito Wine Purses Let the Ladies Sneak Their Drinks

It’s not uncommon to see ladies carrying upscale handbags, but it isn’t quite often to see them carrying knockoffs that can be used to quietly sneak drinks into places they won’t usually be allowed. It’s nifty, but not half as good as the WineRack; seriously, that thing is way sexier and kinky. We like kinky. […]

Wine Glass Chess Set

Everybody is a winner with the wine glass chess set. We guess a player has to drink whichever piece gets taken out, and then drink from all remaining pieces on the board after the game. Actually, that is the only way this game can be played, and it probably works better with shots. Wine Glass […]

Steampunk Corkscrew

Here’s an intricate, complex Steampunk machine that uses the power of thousands of gears, cogs and wheels to work as a corkscrew. If you’re real nice to it, it will even pour you a glass. Via RobHiggs, TheAwesomer

Porsche Recycles Engine Cylinders To Wine Bottle Coolers

Bringing its old engines back to life and automobile enthusiasts back to style, Porsche is reusing engine cylinders from the old 911 models as wine bottle coolers. The coolers have an anodized aluminum base and a lasered Porsche crest. It’s got quite some style, and at $620, we’ll say it’s got quite some price. Via […]

Wine Tank Keeps Your Glass of Wine Full

This may not be among the most intelligent or good looking creations, but if you continuously want wine in your glass, this thing can do that easy. Except of the part where it has a huge glass bulb to hold the wine. As you sip, more wine flows in from the reservoir, keeping a healthy […]

Ski rack wine holding

Made from maple and baltic birch plywood, the ski rack holding can store 10 standard sized bottles of wine. Costs $695.

Chateau Margaux Architectural Wine Cabinet is where the rich guys keep their wine

Despite its ridiculously large name, the Chateau Margaux Architectural Wine Cabinet is like, the coolest place to keep your wine. The handcrafted wine cabinet has a model of the Chateau Margaux on top of it, below which are two doors that give access to five drawers, each of which can hold three bottles of wine. […]

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