Haptica Braille watch will let the blind tell time

Over the years, numerous concepts have appeared, promising to make it easier for the visually impaired/blind to tell time. Haptica Braille watch from David Chavez could indeed make time telling possible for the blind. The watch has time for four different digits, and allows users to quickly feel the “bumps” on the watch’s face and tell time. The sleek watch is currently looking for funds to become a reality, if you’re interested, you can find out more about the watch on Kickstarter.

Via: Kickstarter, Ubergizmo

HD3 Slyde smartphone inspired watch with tactile touchscreen

HD3 Slyde from designer Jorg Hysek is a watch inspired by smartphone design. A tactile touchscreen displays the time, and just sliding a finger over the screen can give the user access to numerous functions and applications on the watch. Design-wise the HD3 sticks to the simple look, keeping the no-frills look. The watch is set for launch at Baselworld 2011.

Via: SlydeHD3, Timezone, Acquiremag

Urwerk UR-110 Watch

If complex, quirky and expensive watches are your thing, free your wrists for the Urwerk UR-110. It’s packed in a titanium case, has three torpedo-like hour, minute and seconds modules, planetary gears, and an “oil change” indicator that tells you when it is time for servicing. They haven’t announced the price yet, but if you are in line to get hold of one of these, the cost won’t be a surprize.

Via: Urwerk, Uncrate

Automobile inspired Shift Hybrid watch

Shift Hybrid watch concept makes no bones about its love for automobiles. Design cues in the watch have remarkable similarity to automobile components like disc brakes, speedometers, seat belts, and gear shifts. The material used itself can be sourced from what is commonly used in automobiles, like aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, rubber, and glass.

Via: mengshun design, YankoDesign

Fertilization watch: The one you don’t want on your wrist

Fertilizaton watch may be about the beginning of life or whatever, but it would be quite weird to actually wear one. The design is quite simple, there’s an egg at the center of the watch face, and three different-sized sperms are swimming towards it; the sperms represent the hour, minute and seconds hands. You may call this watch odd, which would be fine, but it certainly isn’t the most WTF-inducing arsenal in the portfolio of designer Andy Kurovets. For that part, you’d have to look at the freakishly perverted G-Point mouse.

Via: YankoDesign, technabob