Life Size Wall-E is a Working Robot [video]

Wall-E is a beloved movie robot, but he’s not an easy dude to bring to life. There have been several Wall-E replicas, though this one seems to be the best one so far. Mike McMaster and his team spent five years checking out every detail they could find on Wall-E, and building the Pixar movie […]

Here are the Badass Wall-E And EVE You Never Asked For

EVE looks pretty badass in these renderings, which would be the desired effect. Wall-E on the other hand has lost all cuteness and picks up something of a doofus look. That’s what makes him the scariest hitman. Rendered by SgtHK.

Man Makes a Functional Wall-E

Wall-E is probably the most adorable robot to have ever touched the big screen. California robotics enthusiast and Wall-E fan Mike Senna has now created a real life version of the adorable robot. It isn’t quite Wall-E in terms of the character’s acts and intrigues, but it can move around, and have actions to match […]

Wall-e Robot Mimics the Famous Bot in Real Life

Robot enthusiast DJ Sures brought out the adorable Wall-e from imagination (and the movie) into reality. Well the bot Sures built isn’t as intelligent as the real Wall-e we saw in the movie, but it is pretty close when it comes to movement. Powered by AAA batteries, the bot uses a camera in its eye […]

Wall-E mobile PC moves around, looks cute

This Wall-E doesn’t do any robot collection, but it does have a mini PC inside, and an RC unit that allows you to control the PC and move it around. An arduino and a few servo motors control the system, and help the cute robot-PC to move around. Via: bit-tech, Make, technabob

Transformable Wall-E gets done in Lego, is cute as ever

Wall-E made with Lego NXT is a league apart from the usual crop of Lego Wall-Es we have seen earlier. The autonomous/ remote-controlled Wall-E has Lego Mindstorms in its guts and can transform into a box, like the real Wall-E we saw in the movie. A couple of videos of Wall-E in action after the […]