Vampire Hunter Kit

As TV Shows and numerous movies have taught us, Vampires exist, though in a very low-profile living, but that does not stop them from killing. A brave man must always be prepared to hunt those suckers down, preferably like the Winchesters. Although if you aren’t willing to throw away your life, make deals with demons, and have an armory in your car, a simple hunter can start with something basic like the vampire hunter kit. A word of caution: This may not work on vampires that glitter in the sun. Costs $59.99.

Vampire Hunters Vs Edward Cullen [infographic]

Without going into the debate of the merits of Twilight and its vampires, we would like to point out that love him or hate him, Edward Cullen is a vampire. And it so happens that fiction has provided us with a number of vampire hunters/slayers who aren’t quite known to fail in their hunt. So which vampire hunter out of these would be the most likely to take out Edward Cullen, and how quick would they be able to do it? Well, this infographic has answers to that.

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Vampire Hunting Kit From the 1800s

Halloween is close, and a lot of people will dress up as Vampires. Real vampires will also take the opportunity to come out in the open without there camouflage. Those are the one you want, and you are best prepared with something like this Vampire Hunting Kit from the 1800s. Bible, crucifix, pistol with lead bullets, gunpowder, garlic and glass vials that held various concoctions to ward off vampires. Extra points if you kill the vampires who tend to “glitter” in the sun.

‘Vampire’ woman gets horns implanted

Mexican “Vampire woman” Maria Hose Cristerna is busy at work converting her body into something like a vampire. The mother of four has tattoos covering her entire body, oversized earrings implanted in her ears, fang teeth, fake eye color, and now, horns. She does plan on getting more horns as well. According to Cristerna, her body transformed after years of abuse at home, and the vampire makeover is a way towards liberation and immortality for her.

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Vampire killing kit, because it is better to stay prepared

You can never be too careful, there’s no saying when a crazy vampire will just jump out of the shadows looking for blood. The solution of course is to keep a vampire killing kit at hand. Made out of ivory, the kit was constructed in the early 19th century.

It includes “an ornate ivory-mounted Christian cross integrating a steel, spring-loaded, .41 caliber single-shot percussion pistol, the center mounted with an ebony shield surmounted with a 8-pointed crown, the tips made from tiny semi-precious red stones. A ruby red five-pointed star adorns the center. The vampire pistol is contained in an ivory case, together with steel dagger blade which attaches to the end of the cross, an ivory cleaning rod, ivory powder bottle, and cap and ball supply” The kit is up for auction.

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Twilight: Explained

Yesterday we saw Lost as explained by cats, and today, it’s an explanation of how Twilight works, albeit more “philosophical” than cats telling the story. The idea had been at The Oatmeal for a few months now, and recently, the good people over at Epipheo Studios converted it in to a video, explaining how “Twilight works.” It is incredible how something can be so hated and loved at the same time, but seriously, all those problems would go away if vampires stopped glittering. Video after the jump.