Twilight Saga: Just The Stares [video]

If you have watched it closely, the Twilight Saga is apparently full of people staring at each other. Here’s a video from Screen Junkies, the people that usually make the Honest Trailers that we all enjoy so much. This one is a supercut, focusing just on the gratuitous amounts of staring that makes up the Twilight movies. They’ve put all the staring in chronological order for the 26 minute long video.

My Name is Katniss Everdeen. I sighed. Nothing Happened.

hunger games twilight harry potter

The phrases that make the headline happen to be the most used in three popular young-adult series, Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter, in order. An analysis by Ben Blatt of Slate runs through the favorite adjectives, adverbs and the way to start off a sentence for each author. Me on the other hand, being a superficial idiot, find it hilarious to put their sentences together and laugh at the nonsense that ensues. Here’s more: “I don’t know. He sighed. Harry looked around.” and “I shake my head. I shrugged. Harry stared.” 10x points for visualizing the characters saying these lines in a very cheesy setting.

Vampire Hunters Vs Edward Cullen [infographic]

Without going into the debate of the merits of Twilight and its vampires, we would like to point out that love him or hate him, Edward Cullen is a vampire. And it so happens that fiction has provided us with a number of vampire hunters/slayers who aren’t quite known to fail in their hunt. So which vampire hunter out of these would be the most likely to take out Edward Cullen, and how quick would they be able to do it? Well, this infographic has answers to that.

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Couple get a Twilight Themed Engagement Shoot

The world has a love-hate relation with the Twilight franchise. There are those who hate it entirely, and there is no dearth of people who would swear by Stephanie Meyer’s creation. This couple decided to have an engagement photoshoot inspired by the Twilight movies. They are very visible playing the roles of Edward and Bella; of course the dude doesn’t quite shine in sunlight, but that will do… for now.

Woman loses weight, gets huge Twilight tattoo

This super Twilight fan made use of her love for the movies and books to get into a reward-based weight loss system. Cathy Ward lost 14 dress sizes, and as a reward for herself, she decided to sit 22 hours in a chair, face excruciating pain, and spend $3100 to get one giant Twilight tattoo on her back. Whatever motivates you, I suppose works best for you.

Via: io9

Twilight Eclipse 8-bit interactive game on YouTube

Admittedly, we’re no fans of Twilight, or any merchandise or game that may relate to the movies. But give us the good old-fashioned 8-bit game like this one, and we have a deal. Actually, it is much easier to spend time playing the 8-bit YouTube game than actually having to watch a movie. Make choices for Bella and decide which way the game should go, and the creator of the game didn’t forget to poke some fun at the movie, which is a huge plus. First part of the game after the jump!