Mirrored Tree Photos Show Another World Dominated by Trees

Mirrored photographs of trees, like these by photographer Traci Griffin, bring to our imagination a world where these floating, giant trees could very well be the dominant race, and an imposing one at that. Captured and created for her project Mirrors, these photographs show intricate patterns, formations, and if you look close enough, perhaps even emotions. Perhaps it is just the symmetry that gives them such an alluring appearance.

Turntable Plays the Sound of Trees [video]

A slice of a tree could be substituted for a vinyl record with a little work on the gadgetry. Of course, it wouldn’t quite serve any purpose unless you happen to be an artist, wherein it becomes a very interesting project. Dutch artist Barthalomäus Traubeck setup the gadgetry, modded the record player in a setup that would play what “trees sounded like”. The device named “Years” plays off the tree rings much in a way a vinyl record would play, and tells the story of the tree.


Hipster Designers Think Of A Vertical Forest Even Before Vertical Gardens Are Cool

A whole lot of architecture concepts leave room for vertical gardens these days as clean, environmentally friendly options. But apparently, vertical gardens are moving out of the way even before they could fully be realized, because frankly, who’s going to care for some hanky-panky vertical garden when you have an entire vertical forest to look forward to.

fLume lamps made from trees

We’ll not talk about the presence of “f” in fLume lamps, because we’re kind of relieved it isn’t an “i.” Designed by et al. collaborative, the lamps came into being after the designers noticed discarded Christmas tree. Finding the opportunity for unique, one of a kind (and presumably heavy) lamps, the designers set to work on the trees. Eventually, using holiday trees and those fallen from storms, the fLume lamps saw the lights of the day. The trees are stripped of its branches and pine needles, which are donated to a local rooftop garden for mulch. Natural shape of the tree is then used to create these beautiful, one of a kind lamps echoing the themes of revival, nostalgia and nature.

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Artist paints dead trees into colorful revival

Dead trees aren’t really attention grabbers, but for artist Curtis Killorn, they make a great canvas. The artist paints dead trees in the mountains of Colorado, converting them into vibrant and colorful public art. Killorn says “Nature is already so beautiful and full of such depth and grace… and it is NOT my intention to mask or enhance it in any way. Much in the way that we paint each other’s skin out in the desert, the intention is bring out the beauty which is already there.”

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