Paris Traveler Series

Paris Traveler Series by illustrators Nichole and Evan Robertson is a set of prints inspired by the classic travel posters. They added a little, but brilliant twist to the idea though, choosing not to focus on architectural landmarks like travel posters do, but rather to focus on the moment that makes these places memorable, with […]

A Day In India [video]

Perennial Plate’s short film “A Day in India” compresses his three weeks of travel in India to a day and then just four minutes. via

Proposed Vacuum Tubes Could Make Travel Super Fast and Super Quick

Evacuated Tube Transport is the future of travel, or that is what the designers would have us believe. According to designers, this would be an airless, frictionless tube through which passenger carrying pods would be able to travel real fast. When we say “real fast” we mean a speed of 4000 mph that would theoretically […]

Retro-style Posters for a Future Airline to Mars

Retro posters for an airline of the future, the premise is quite interesting. And made more so by our desire for space travel. An airline to Mars. How cool would that be? Chicago-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer Andy Rohr got the idea and started to work, with a rocket called MarsUnited. The posters show […]

Tourism Posters for Videogame Getaways

If locations in videogames could be advertised as tourism or getaway destinations, they sure would make pretty weird posters. I think the mushroom kingdom would be a nice place to be in. Via Dorkly