Crashed Ferrari Table Would be The Classiest Reminder of a Painful Ferrari Wreck

A Ferrari isn’t just a car, we’d call each of those a masterpiece. So good, you want to keep the prancing horse pampered even if you have a ton of money. But something like this would probably be just too painful. From the looks of it, the table has been made from a crashed, crushed Ferrari reduced to being the curious innards of a transparent-top table. Probably a great conversation starter, but actually a very morbid display.

Transit furniture made from traffic signs

Boris Bally makes chairs and tables out of traffic signs. Though recycled street signs make up a major part of his work, the artist also incorporates weapon parts and other found materials in his work. Edges of the furniture are rounded off for a smooth finish and avoided cuts. Since multiple signs may go into the construction of each piece, no two are alike.

Via: Core77