Magic Flying Carpet Coffee Table

Living in a fairytale and embarking upon adventures is easy when you have access to the flying carpet. Made by Duffy London, the flying carpet is a coffee table made out of mild steel, with a brilliantly designed base that mimics the shadow of the carpet.

Wave Dining Table Kills Conversation at the Table

The world mostly looks for things that could be conversation starters, and yet there is a need for things that would help to avoid any conversation at all.

Crashed Ferrari Table Would be The Classiest Reminder of a Painful Ferrari Wreck

A Ferrari isn’t just a car, we’d call each of those a masterpiece. So good, you want to keep the prancing horse pampered even if you have a ton of money. But something like this would probably be just too painful. From the looks of it, the table has been made from a crashed, crushed […]

Periodic Table of Swearing Coffee Table

Mixing swearing with science goes a long way, as we find out with this periodic table of swearing coffee table. You keep it as a coffee table with a nice set of buttons for the elements, some unsuspecting guest ends up pressing a button by mistake, and out pours a barrage of insults from the […]

Fun And Life At The Seesaw Table

Nothing wrong with having a bit of fun and making our meals interesting with this Seesaw Table by Marleen Jansen. To be true, we think it is quite amazing.

Fancy Goggle Desk

What’s the fun in having a big, fancy office if you don’t have a big fancy desk? The “Goggle Desk” by Danny Venlet ought to fit the bill. It’s big, it’s fancy, it’s curvy and it sure as hell ain’t going to be cheap.

Transit furniture made from traffic signs

Boris Bally makes chairs and tables out of traffic signs. Though recycled street signs make up a major part of his work, the artist also incorporates weapon parts and other found materials in his work. Edges of the furniture are rounded off for a smooth finish and avoided cuts. Since multiple signs may go into […]

Coffee table modded with a train set

Jaxan from Sacramento, California made use of creative powers of his brain to add life to an Ikea “Liatorp” coffee table. The idea involved making slight modifications to the table, throwing in some money, but having a working train set in a coffee table, probably makes it all worth it. Via: Ikea Hackers, Make, UberReview

Workstation with a built-in fireplace

Italian manufacturers Biocamino have come up with a new offering “Speak” that puts the fireplace right in the desk. If you need the entire surface of the table, the fireplace is more than happy to be hidden in the desk. Of course, the desk is not intended to be a workhorse, but would gladly lend […]

Remembrance coffee table has a photo album design

This enormous photo album shaped thing happens to be a coffee table. Designer Mitch Steinmetz created the coffee table in the unusual shape with the intent of adding personality and memories to the design. The table can be a gateway to remembering and cherishing the past, and even a nifty albeit tiny, storage space. Via: […]

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