Heroes and Villains

Comic book, animation, video game and movie characters get a representation in this set of illustrations by Australian artist Josip Kelava. The artist believes there’s good and bad in all of us, and these illustrations put the villains in no less of a position than the heroes they portray. Prints available on Society6.

Superheroes Reimagined in a Bit More Aggressive, Slightly Videogame-like Style

DC characters get a wee bit of retouching in these fan art illustrations by Hunter Schulz. The renderings take a different approach to the characters, mixing their classic looks with what appears to us like a touch of video game art.

Batman Trilogy Posters in the Style of Batman: The Animated Series

The recent Batman movie trio of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises have been given a touch of Batman: The Animated Series in this set of posters by illustrator Michael Rogers. In the set, all three movies get posters inspired by the style and the theme of the animated series. Available […]

Superhero Paintings, if They Were Done by Picasso

We have already seen a batch of superhero paintings done in the style of Picasso by Mike Esparza. Well, here’s more. This time, with more superheroes, and some supervillains.

Superheroes of the Medieval Age Fight For Honor, Glory and the Love of Battle

Illustrations by John Staub show superheroes, had they been imagined in the medieval age. We imagine some very high-pitched battles as these men take to the battlefield for the honor of, and on the orders of their liege lords. This is quite a set though, as the illustrator kept the characters true to their own […]

Superhero and Villain Collages Created From Old Superhero Comic Books

Austin, Texas based artist Mike Alcantara made this collection of superhero and villain collages utilizing panels from old comic books. That’s recycling at its finest, superheroes made from superheroes. Prints available on the artist’s Etsy shop.

Superheroes by William Wray

It is tough to form a quick opinion on the Superhero illustrations by William Wray; expressionism will do that for you. These are superheroes no doubt, but they are presented in more of a normal human setting. They are almost cosplayers, except that they are superheroes.

Batman Vs. Superman Ying-Yang Poster

You have to love this superb Ying-Yang styled Batman vs. Superman poster. Made by Matt Ferguson, the poster is about the Man of Steel sequel, which should be on screens in 2015 and feature Batman and Superman. Via Geek-Art

Bobblehead Superheroes

Bobblehead superheroes have a world to save. Well, there’s The Joker too, but nobody ever complained about his presence. Especially not Batman.

Wolverine Versus Predator [fan made short]

If it does come down to a fistfight, who would win. Wolverine or Predator? via