Monocle Wearing Steampunk R2-D2 Made From Recycled Materials

Aiming to re-interpret R2-D2 in a version that offered “future in the old” (as translated by Google) artist Charles Leonard made this intriguing version of a monocle wearing Steampunk R2-D2. To be true, we’ve seen a good amount of Steampunk and R2-D2 creations, but how do you ever manage Steampunk without a monocle? That’s just […]

Disney Princesses Get The Steampunk Style

Over the last few months, we’ve seen quite a few plays on the style and appearance of Disney princesses. This latest one happens to be the work of deviantARTist HelleeTitch, who has transported Disney princesses into the Victorian age. These gorgeous illustrations by HelleeTitch present our beloved princesses in Steampunk style.

Steampunk Xbox Controller Needs To Be Unlocked With A Key

MorbidStix Steampunk controller for the Xbox would go very well for your love of custom gaming equipment and a desire for classic artsy looks. Plastic look on the controller has given way to a faux antique burl wood finish, copper rivet embellishments and brass finish for the buttons.

The Steampunk Droids You Were Looking For

Things would have been real cool if we would have managed to make robots back in the Victorian age. Or if droids from a galaxy far far away had managed to land here on earth a long time ago. Since neither happened, we have to take solace in the delicious robot art presented by numerous […]

Archos Vision Comes Up With Steampunk Inspired MP3 Player

Sure nothing beats creating a masterful Steampunk-ish mp3 player for yourself, but people like me simply don’t have the skill to pull off something like that. Yet we’re all drooly for Steampunk. The work of Will Rockwell, this Archos Vision mp3 player has the love of Steampunk in its design, and $350 on its price […]

The Magnificent Fire-Breathing Steampunk Octopus Car at the Burning Man [video]

You can always expect the Burning Man festival to throw up some of the most impressive artcars around. This fire breathing Steampunk octopus obviously isn’t one to be taken lightly, and by its idea alone this would qualify as a star of the show. Via BoingBoing, Jalopnik

Steampunk Darth Vader Helmet

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the Sith lord ruled the age of Steampunk and wore a helmet to match. His name was Darth Vapour, Dark Lord of the Steam. Via FuriousFanboys, NewLaunches

Steampunk Atomic Dueling Pistols

Another example of wonderful work by artist Jeff de Boer, these Steampunk rather Steam-fi dueling pistols would be the game turner in any space war that could ever be. These Steampunk guns are the most dangerous rayguns ever, and the most amazing piece of artist wizardry. Via Make

Scary Steampunk Creatures

Bugs are scary, but they get totally frightening if you fill their innards with gadgets. Cyborg bugs, they’re a nightmare, and much worse than robot bugs we assume because robo bugs aren’t going to look all that creepy. Mike Libby‘s Insect Lab Studio pushes in electronic components, Steampunk looks and parts from old watches into […]

Steampunk Mac Has a Century Old Typewriter For Authentic Company

This Mac is one interesting Steampunk project, and done quite faithfully to the theme. At its heart it is a 1991 Mac running OS 7.5 with a keyboard that was once a typewriter. Not just any typewriter, this piece is a 114 year old Remington made in 1897. The mouse has been built from an […]