Monocle Wearing Steampunk R2-D2 Made From Recycled Materials

Aiming to re-interpret R2-D2 in a version that offered “future in the old” (as translated by Google) artist Charles Leonard made this intriguing version of a monocle wearing Steampunk R2-D2. To be true, we’ve seen a good amount of Steampunk and R2-D2 creations, but how do you ever manage Steampunk without a monocle? That’s just not fair. Gears, cogs, brass, that’s all fine. But where are the monocles? Everyone should have monocles. This Steampunk R2-D2 has been made out of scrap metal, working with recycled wood, plastic and a few other materials. Also, monocles.

Archos Vision Comes Up With Steampunk Inspired MP3 Player

Sure nothing beats creating a masterful Steampunk-ish mp3 player for yourself, but people like me simply don’t have the skill to pull off something like that. Yet we’re all drooly for Steampunk. The work of Will Rockwell, this Archos Vision mp3 player has the love of Steampunk in its design, and $350 on its price tag. Those who find this worth the money ought to know that Rockwell intends to build a series of mp3 players based on this very design.

Via Geeky-Gadgets, Ubergizmo

Scary Steampunk Creatures

Bugs are scary, but they get totally frightening if you fill their innards with gadgets. Cyborg bugs, they’re a nightmare, and much worse than robot bugs we assume because robo bugs aren’t going to look all that creepy. Mike Libby‘s Insect Lab Studio pushes in electronic components, Steampunk looks and parts from old watches into insect specimen, making these spooky, scary hybrid creatures.

Steampunk Mac Has a Century Old Typewriter For Authentic Company

This Mac is one interesting Steampunk project, and done quite faithfully to the theme. At its heart it is a 1991 Mac running OS 7.5 with a keyboard that was once a typewriter. Not just any typewriter, this piece is a 114 year old Remington made in 1897. The mouse has been built from an old Morse Code telegraph key and there’s a 56k modem made from old telephone parts. This thing even has a floppy drive. An interesting piece of trivia about the Steampunk Mac: Since the typewriter does not have an enter/return key, owner Steve La Riccia repurposed the cartridge release lever to turn it into a hard enter/return key. The Steampunk Mac is currently on display at The Mac Store in Eugene, Oregon.

Via Dvice