Steampunk time machine costs $100k, ‘chronoports’ users

Possibility of time travel is a long standing question/ fantasy for us humans, but if you’re rich enough you could just buy a time machine, and find out the wonders of time travel yourself. If you don’t like it, simply return to yesterday and don’t buy it. The Steampunk time machine from Watts Industries’ labs runs on raw liquid ether held in the containment vessel at the bottom.

Steampunk USB flash drive

We’ll have to agree with ChipChick, this USB flash drives reminds us more of Rosie from the Jetsons, rather than making us think about Steampunk. It is called the Narrow Bridge Steampunk USB drive, as its creator was inspired by a “narrow bridge” sign to make this drive. The drive is made of hardwood with the obligatory tiny gauge and control wheels, and has a “vintage” tin box for company. This thing is expensive at $300. Also, someone should totally get working on a Steampunk Rosie.

Via: ChipChick

iPhone 4 gets a Steampunk dock modeled after the retro phone

Creating something like the fusion of time, the iRetrofone dock lets you combine your modern iPhone 4 with the retro deskphone plus the Victorian Steampunk look. Time travel just got easier. The iRetrofone base has been hand-sculpted by artist Scott Freeland, and is a fully-functional good looking dock that sells for $450. Well, not as good-looking as the Desk Phone dock though.

Via: GeekyGadgets, SlipperyBrick

Steampunk Eye Pod Is A Frightening iPod

You can give the iPod a simple Steampunk makeover, or you could go extreme and create something like this Eye Pod. The monster that this Eye Pod is, somewhere inside, it has a soul, which is basically an iPod Nano 1st generation. The iPod is quite functional and a leather strap will also allow you to flaunt the Frankenstein-inspired monstrosity on your wrist. There’s a retractable hidden USB cord at the base, and you can hear music either through the Victrola horn or the good old earphones.