Portraits made with postage stamps

Collecting postage stamps isn’t exactly a new hobby, making portraits out of stamps however, does give the story a twist. British artist Peter R. Mason makes use of thousands of stamps to create each of these brilliant portraits. The process requires quite an attention to detail, and lots of hardwork. Mason starts off by drawing the image on a canvas, and then dividing it into numerous stamp-sized squares. The stamps are then carefully removed from their envelopes, and sorted by design, color and post mark pattern before they can be glued on to the canvas to create these pixilated postage stamp portraits.

Make your choices clear with Facebook like and dislike stamps

Now that we all spend a lot of time on Facebook, “liking” stuff, it is only natural we take it AFK. Plus, this time around, we’ll always have access to the dislike stamp. Have a like and dislike stamp for everything you need to show your fake consideration on. I’ll wait till someone comes up with the “meh” stamp.

Via: ProductPage, ChipChick

Custom face stamps make snail mail more personalized

Though not nearly as good as the Calligraphy address stamps, the custom face stamps probably will work out well with your snail mail. All you need to do, is send an image to the seller on Etsy, who will, in turn carve it out and send the stamp your way. The stamp seems to be sold out for now, but the seller does have a good collection of custom items to choose from.

Via: Design-Fetish