Decorative ‘Steampunk’ Skull Includes a Secret Compartment for Your Treasure

This decorative skull has a cool Steampunk-ish look that probably earn this guy a top spot in the zombie army, if he were undead. It is supposed to have a “secret” compartment to store tiny trinket treasures. That secret compartment happens to be a clearly visible drawer on the side of the skull, which is not so secret, but apparently saying that aloud would hurt the skull’s feelings. So we’ll leave it at that. Erasmus Darwin’s Steam Cerebrum Skull was designed in England, manufactured in China, and ships free to the United States. Price $54.

Scary Neon Skull Lights

Neon Skull Lights by artist Eric Franklin are one of those scary things that keeps you looking at them with rapt attention. You might be creeped out, but you somehow can’t bring yourself to look away from the spectacle. Or that’s how they put such things in a couple of not-so-good books I have read. As far as I’m concerned, these lamps are fabulous. It is a set of three skulls, lit up internally through ionized neon, krypton, and mercury. The skulls themselves are made using an intricate network of glass tubes sealed masterfully to create a vacuum.

The camera made from a 150 year old skull

This might very well be one of the craziest, weirdest cameras ever. The skull camera, created by artist Wayne Martin is called “Third Eye” Which we guess is a reference to the camera eye, along with the eye sockets in the skull. It is a pinhole camera, so the picture clarity isn’t really impressive, but we doubt the artist was much concerned about the quality of pictures while making a camera out of a skull.

Via: Inhabitat, NewLaunches