Bears in Russia Are Hooked on Huffing Jet Fuel

A very humorous turn has come up in the tale of the bears of Russia. Apparently, they are so hooked on to jet fuel that they will continue huffing on it until they pass out. The stoned bears were captured on camera by photographer Igor Shpilenok who spent seven months at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, in South Kamchatka, Russia. The reserve is home for more than 700 brown bears, and a few of them have taken a liking to the fuel used by the reserve workers for power generators and helicopters. The large brown bears sometimes manage to get their hands on discarded barrels and proceed to a trip down trippy lane.

An Illuminated Snow Tunnel in Russia [pic]

Russian photographer Michael Zelensky captured this amazing shot to the entrance of an amazing snow tunnel that is almost a kilometer long. The tunnel is located near the Mutnovsky volcano, and from what we gather from translation, it is located in the deep snow fields with ravines and is accessible only during the summer thaw. That torch/flare he’s holding in his hands gives the image a surrealistic look and appeal.

Via TwistedSifter

Eternal Youth: Russian scientist claims to have discovered an anti-aging formula

Eternal youth, anti-aging, both these terms are like the keywords humanity has been searching for, since ever and ever. Russian scientist, Professor Vladimir Skulachev has now claimed that he has developed an anti-oxidant, a drug that will stop the deterioration of health caused by age. Skulachev is a professor of Bioenergetics, and has been working on the same for nearly 40 years. The drug is ready for clinical trials, and the professor believes it could be made commercially available within 2 years.