Marvel and DC Superheroes As Robots

Gigantic, tall robots are a shortcut to success. Heavy metal moving and destroying things is awesome, just ask Michael Bay and watch the Transformer movies. Adding another flavor to the recipe of cool is superheroes. It is only logical that superheroes should mashup with robots to create a better kickass breed of robotic superheroes. This […]

Asimo Robot Costume

This Asimo robot costume lets humans play the part of the famed robot. You could walk, talk, perhaps even fall like the robot. Oh and the ladies… the ladies are going to love a man in the robot suit. Costs $512.

I Am Made Of Robots

I Am Made of Robots is a project by Alex Varanese, whose work we already know to be excellent for a retro setting. This set shows a robot that would have felt at home in some 1950s sci-fi tropes. For good measure, Alex also gave it some 80s style and an unmistakable audio cassette and […]

The Steampunk Droids You Were Looking For

Things would have been real cool if we would have managed to make robots back in the Victorian age. Or if droids from a galaxy far far away had managed to land here on earth a long time ago. Since neither happened, we have to take solace in the delicious robot art presented by numerous […]

Robot survival suit will keep us safe from the nuclear apocalypse

Hong Kong based designer Kacey Wong has come up with a robot that will save us all from the nuclear apocalypse. Made to hold one person, the robot is made out of lead for safety against radiation. The suit can also serve as a mobile home, transforming into a bed and includes solar panels for […]