The Solar System Holidays on Earth in Surreal Images

After billions of years floating in the emptiness of space, it seems only natural that celestial bodies of our solar system decide to take a little vacation. And what better place for that than our very own Earth. Photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams Our Solar System Takes a Holiday imagined what it would be like if our solar system decided to take a break and vacation on Earth.

Seapower 750 GT Wants Waves to Ride On

Works of Italian designer Davide Panarella, the Seapower 750 GT, and its slightly shorter cousin the 650 GT are all set to ride the waves. Both hard keel boats are set to be marketed and manufactured by Italy based Seapower. While the 650 lives a simpler life being an evolution of the 550 GT, a previous design by Seapower, the 750 GT seeks to go a slightly different way.