Realistic Creatures From Legend of Zelda

Creatures of Zelda just got real in the art of Nate Hallinan. You haven’t known a fear of spiders until you see Skulltula in its realistic look.

‘Realistic’ Naruto Characters Fan Art

Checkout these ‘realistic’ renderings of various characters from Naruto. The illustrations include several characters from the Naruto anime and manga, including the fabled Yamato dude who nobody has seen. They say he has been stuck in a tree for almost three years now. The renderings are the work of artist Olggah.

Pokemon Get the ‘Real’ Treatment

What do you think the real life pokeballs contain? The real life Pokemon of course. California based artist Gavin Mackey made a realistic rendering of several pokemon, imagining what they would really look like if found in the wild. and you know, they aren’t as lovable and cute as we see them in the anime […]

The Solar System Holidays on Earth in Surreal Images

After billions of years floating in the emptiness of space, it seems only natural that celestial bodies of our solar system decide to take a little vacation. And what better place for that than our very own Earth. Photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams Our Solar System Takes a Holiday imagined what it would […]

Seapower 750 GT Wants Waves to Ride On

Works of Italian designer Davide Panarella, the Seapower 750 GT, and its slightly shorter cousin the 650 GT are all set to ride the waves. Both hard keel boats are set to be marketed and manufactured by Italy based Seapower. While the 650 lives a simpler life being an evolution of the 550 GT, a […]

Imagining the Cities of the World in a Post-Apocalyptic Scenario

These renderings by Vladimir Manyuhin show what famous cities of the world would look like if an apocalyptic scenario were to happen. We’ve already seen a bit of these renderings showing post-apocalyptic Kremlin. Now, the artist has gone a step further and covered the entire world.

Rendered Hotness: Heretic Bow

Given its realistic appearance and the fact we don’t know a single thing about bows, we’ll have to say the Heretic is the coolest kid on the block. The composite bow is the work of deviantARTist Samouel.

Body Mouse: The Creepy Gadget to Make You Shudder

Every once in a while, traveling through the untamed lands of the internet brings us to things so completely creepy that it is tough to suppress a shudder. Sometimes that is quite surprising, because we have mostly been rendered immune to such things, thanks to long hours on the internet.

Hot and Sexy Toyota Supra Concept

Toyota Supra was one of the best coupes that rolled in its time. Affordable, yet with a performance that could put supercars to shame. The car has been out of production for a while now, but many automobile enthusiasts probably will enjoy its return to the streets.

GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings

Designer Alp Germaner created these GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings as a look back to fighters from World War II. We totally dig the pinup near the cockpit.

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