Clown Shaped High Voltage Towers of Hungary

We have long thought that electric pylons looking more artistic would work really well with our sense of aesthetics and the artistic side of the world. Although the idea we saw earlier was just a concept, this one is very much real. These clown shaped high voltage electric pylons have been built near the M5 motorway in Újhartyán, Hungary. MAVIR, the Hungarian electricity transmission system operator has our appreciation for a project so amazing.

Land of Giants: Transforming the mundane electric pylons into story-telling statues

Electric pylons mark the landscape in every part of the world, and everywhere, they are the same mundane towers. Some of these towers could definitely do with a nice dose of imagination, quite like the Land of Giants™ from Choi + Shine Architects. These designs transform pylons into statues, giving the landscape an artistic touch. Choi + Shine created these designs as male and female figures that responded to the terrain they were placed in. For example, the giant pylons created appeared to walk over the plains, or bowing and kneeling to accommodate for ascending or descending landscape.