Portraits Made With Thread and Nails Combo

Using a lot of strategically placed nails and copious amounts of skilfully placed thread, designers Pamela Campagna and husband Thomas Scheiderbauer have managed to impress viewers with these portraits. Looking at the portraits, it is tough to assume how they ever managed to pass enough thread to make these portraits meaningful, without turning them into a mess of arbitrarily running thread and nails. Each of these pieces takes nearly a month to complete.

Celebrities Portrayed as Russian Generals

During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, English artist George Dawe painted 329 portraits of Russian military officers for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Artist Steve Payne used digital portraits of these paintings mixed with the magic of photoshop to give celebrities their style as Russian military generals. Call it wonderful execution, but most of these celebrities appear to be rather suited in their uniforms.

Celebrity Portraits Made With Toast

Everything gets better with toast done right. We could be talking of taste, but we are talking of art. Artist Henry Hargreaves decided to unlock the potential in toast and created these amazing celebrity portraits. Hargreaves did have support from Angela Barrow and Osvaldo Ponton who actually were toasting the bread. We kind of like the style of this bread-pixel art.