Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

Is there anything he cannot do?

Pipe Puffing Puppies [pic]

There’s a couple of gentledogs if I ever saw one (or two). Found missing in the photograph: monocles. The image is available as a print at PrintCollection. Via swissmiss

A closer look at snowflakes

Here we are again, taking a closer look at snowflakes and snow crystals, there’s something about these tiny little crystals that’s fun to see. Via:

Putting snowflakes under a microscope [pics]

These images are all snowflakes, captured under varied degrees of magnification. It is incredible to see what those tiny flakes look like, up close and personal. Via: Akira the Don

Images of alcoholic drinks under a microscope show they are as colorful as we’d imagined

Taking a closer look at things always shows a different perspecitive. Looking at alcoholic drinks under a microscope shows their colorful, psychedelic side. These images, produced by U.S. firm Bevshots, have the constituent parts of drinks magnified to nearly 1000 times. Taken at the Florida State University’s chemistry department, taking the images required for the […]

Love will tear us apart again

Yes it will. Nice stockings btw. Via: BuzzFeed

Making the most of unemployment [pic]

The pic is a result of collaboration between Jennifer Daniel and Todd Levin, and it does a pretty good job of showing a typical day of unemployment. Click image for larger version. Via: Funny or Die, LaughingSquid

A closer look at the surface of the sun [pic]

The image you see above, is the surface of the sun. The red granules you see above are hot columns of plasma rising towards the surface, while the darker lines represent the relatively cooler descending plasma. Visible towards the lower left, the white line presents scale and is equal to 5000 kilometers on the solar […]