Photographs of the World’s Largest Beta Carotene Farm

What’s interesting about beta carotene farms? Apparently, their aerial view. These almost abstract painting-like views happen to be photographs of Beta Carotene captured by Australian photographer Steve Back. Beta Carotene is produced by naturally occurring algae in water, and those red and pink hues are often used in food coloring. The photographs are from the Hutt Lagoon, the world’s largest beta carotene farm. You can have a good look at the farm for yourself using Google Maps or Earth.

600 Days of Sunrises Atop Mount Fuji [pics]

Photographer Yu Yamauchi spent 600 days living in a hut near the summit of Mount Fuji, and got up early every day to take a photograph of the rising sun from the top of the mountain! The photographs as you would expect, are lovely. In fact, they are better than lovely, it’s almost a different world. The set is named Dawn and shows sunrises above the clouds from the land of the rising sun. Remarkably, the photographs vary greatly and present magnificent views that are absolutely enjoyable.

Photographs of People Running Away From Unseen Dangers

Photographs by Tabitha Soren show people running away in abject terror, often looking back to see if they’re being followed. What is missing from these photographs, is the danger that makes them run, and what they are fleeing from. So, you could just use your imagination and put any terrifying, dangerous object of your choice here. We, being consummate optimists like to think that these people need to poop real bad and are trying to find a place away from the camera lens.

The Abandoned Ship That Became a Floating Forest

SS Ayrfield is a ship that is more than a century old, and as such has plenty of stories to tell. It was originally called the SS Corrimal when built in the UK in 1911. It saw a military career in WWII when the Australian government used it to carry American troops and supplies. It was sold to the Miller Steamship Company in 1951 and got named the Ayrfield. For the next 20 years, it served as a collier between New Castle and Sydney, eventually being decommissioned in 1972, and sent to Homebush Bay, which at that time was a ship breaking area.

Young Girl Photographed as Famous Women of History

Photographer Jaime Moore wanted to do a creative photo shoot for the fifth birthday of her daughter Emma. She turned to the internet for inspiration, and all she could find was suggestions of photographing her as Disney Princesses. That idea didn’t go down well with Jaime and she decided to go a different, way more inspirational route of photographing Emma as some of the greatest women history has seen. Each photograph is accompanied by an inspirational quote from the woman that is portrayed.

Photographer’s Lens Stares at Distant Galaxies

LA based photographer Siri Kaur‘s project Half of the Whole is a beautiful set that includes images of distant stars and galaxies. She calls the project “a photographic exploration of time and light.” She started with the project in 2007, visiting Kitt Peak in Arizona to photograph outer space. She got help of planetary scientists to capture photographs of distant galaxies through a digital sensor attached to a Meade solar telescope. Once the photographs are available, she processes them through traditional color darkroom printing, using films of cyan, magenta, and yellow filter to give this rather unique appearance to the images.

Young Girl’s Life In The African Wild [pics]

Tippi Degré was born in Namibia, Africa while her parents French wildlife photographers Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert were there in the Kalahari. Considering the place she grew up in, there weren’t really many children around so the infant Tippi became friends with the vast variety of wildlife who were her neighbors. These photographs, taken by her parents, serve to document the childhood of the now 20 year old girl.