Dubai Photographed In Thick Fog Has a Dreamy Appearance

Thick fog is rare in Dubai, and German photographer Sebastian Opitz decided to use that rarity for a set of magnificent photographs. For a number of days, the photographer got up at four in the morning and climbed up the 85th floor of the 1358 foot tall Princess Tower. What followed was these amazing photos […]

Russian Photographer Captures The View Atop The Great Pyramid

Russian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov along with friends Vadim Mahorov and Marat Dupri snuck up to the top of The Great Pyramid in Egypt, and used the occasion to capture the modern surrounding view from this wonder of the ancient world. The images are rare, but the act was pretty risky and the photographers risked jail […]

The Beautiful Antelope Canyon In Photographs

Photographer Gregory Boratyn captured the colorful and mesmerizing beauty of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon in these lovely shots. It has the appearance of a magical world, or perhaps one that you would expect to see in an animated movie, and yet it is very much real. Prints available here.

Man Recreates Photographs of Infants to Hilarious Effect

Babies do weird stuff, but if an adult tries to do the same, the results can be hilarious. New Yorker Molly Thomas runs a photoblog called My Precious Roommate. The premise is quite simple, readers submit the photographs of their babies and Thomas then recreates the image where the baby is replaced by her adult […]

Close Ups of Animal Eyes

Artist/photographer Suren Manvelyan has enthralled viewers earlier with stunning close ups of human eyes and animal eyes. For this set, he went towards other species, showing more animal eyes in wondrous detail.

Lightning Strike Meets Volcanic Eruption [pic]

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a lightning strike mixed into a volcanic eruption. As the Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan was spewing flames and smoke, a lightning bolt strikes right near the volcano’s summit. The science behind volcaninc lightning is not very clear, as opposed to its awesomeness that shines right through in this photograph […]

Finalists For Smithsonian Magazine’s Photography Contest

Smithsonian Magazine has announced the finalists for its 10th Annual Photography Contest. This year saw a submission of 37,600 photos coming from 112 countries. Editors of the magazine have chosen 50 finalists from the submissions in their five categories. Here are some of the images that made it to the finals.

A Day In The Life of a Squirrel

Canadian photographer Nancy Rose has a backyard full of squirrels. Seeing that squirrels could be excellent models for a photoshoot as long as they received a steady supply of nuts and Rose remained patient, the photographer came up with the idea of the set A Day In The Life of a Squirrel. She set up […]

Long Exposure Photographs of Ballet Dancers

Photographer Leon Neal captured the graceful motion of ballet dancers in these long exposure photographs. The shots are from London’s Emerging Dancer 2013 and represent various participants and beautifully manage to show the color and grace of the dancers.

Infrared Landscapes by Richard Mosse

Checkout these beautiful landscapes captured in infrared by Irish photographer Richard Mosse. All these photographs are from Eastern Congo, showing the beauty and the horrors of the region through the eye of infrared photography. Some of these pieces will be on display at the Armory Show in New York from 7 to 10 March.