Lovely Timelapse of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

As nature eye candy goes, this video is about as good as it gets. QT Luong has photographed all 59 of the US National Parks, often using the old large format cameras. Shot in 2011/2013, this video uses a DSLR to create a magnificent time lapse of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Now would be the time to switch the video to full screen, go HD and sit back.

Urban Time-lapse Videos of Shanghai, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur

Photographer and filmmaker Rob Whitworth has spent a hell lot of time drawing up time lapse videos of the cities of Shanghai, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur. For the video on Shanghai, Rob worked with urban-geographic explorer JT Singh to capture the beauty of the city and its numerous and ever growing skyscrapers. The video on Kuala Lumpur took 5 months, 400 hours of work, four cameras, and 19,997 photographs along with 40 shoots. To capture the traffic in HCMC, Vietnam, Rob captured 10,000 RAW images that would later make this time lapse. Hit ahead for the videos.

Dogs Dressed as Humans [pics]

I look at these picture, and now I’m thoroughly convinced that dogs are humans. Portraits by Sebastian Magnani have dogs dressed as humans, and we’re assuming there are a few post-production touches as well, even so look how very human they appear! The project is named Underdogs, and Sebastian first started working on it in August 2009, and now includes two sets. Prints available on Society6.

Dad Photographs Infant Daughter in Adventures

Swedish photographer Emil Nystrom has an interesting series where his lovely baby daughter can be seen embarking on adventures. She plays roles like being the Fruit Ninja, a car mechanic, a superhero, or someone just hanging out. Of course, the images went into post production as the child wasn’t old enough to stand, and for several of them her mother held her up during the photoshoot. Additional elements were removed later with photoshop to create the series, though we like to pretend that they were added later so the identity of our future superhero would remain a secret.

High Speed Photographs of Exploding Light Bulbs Filled With Objects

Photographer Jon Smith makes use of high speed photography to capture what has never been seen, in this case, quite literally so. Smith employs standard incandescent light bulbs, which he fills with various objects and liquids. These bulbs are then made to explode, and the resultant carefully captured by means of high speed photographs to achieve these photographs.

Photographs of the World’s Largest Beta Carotene Farm

What’s interesting about beta carotene farms? Apparently, their aerial view. These almost abstract painting-like views happen to be photographs of Beta Carotene captured by Australian photographer Steve Back. Beta Carotene is produced by naturally occurring algae in water, and those red and pink hues are often used in food coloring. The photographs are from the Hutt Lagoon, the world’s largest beta carotene farm. You can have a good look at the farm for yourself using Google Maps or Earth.