A Craftily Dismantled Volkswagen

Here’s an image of a dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2. The car was in production from 1983 to 1992, during which 6.3 million Golf Mk2s were built. Here’s a closer look at the once very popular car, neatly dismantled, with its parts available for view. As a comment on TwistedSifter mentions, the photograph is the work […]

Father Recreates Son’s Imagination in Photographs

Children have a vivid imagination, a fantastic world that is great to behold. Photographer David Niles decided to give his son a better view of his imagination, by recreating what he imagined. The project started when the four year old Nate told David about a dream he had. David has spent the last six years […]

Invisible Reflection

In this self portrait, artist Laura Williams turned her torso invisible with a reflection from the mirror. A very well executed concept. via

Exploding Flowers Captured in High-Speed Photographs

High speed photography of Martin Klimas often involves around a bang, or a crash. In this case, it’s the bang that made these photographs of exploding flowers possible. To achieve the effect, the flowers were first dipped in liquid nitrogen, where the cool temperature promptly froze them. After that came the effect of a sound […]

Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius

An aerial view of Mauritius shows the beautiful geography of the island nation, and its coastline arranged to form what appears like an underwater waterfall. Check it out on Google Maps.

Ghostly Apparitions Seen in Photographs

Fleeting Happiness series by Andrew Lyman photographs people as translucent against natural landscapes, giving them the appearance of being supernatural apparitions that have found a way into our world.

Ink and Oil Try a Mix, Get Photographed in High Speed

Ink and oil aren’t really the best buddies. Those dudes plain refuse to mix. If you’ve got the skill of Alberto Seveso, that is a very good thing leading straight to the door of beautiful patterns and photographs. For the photographs, ink was dropped in oil, and photographed using a high speed camera before the […]

The Sky is Pretty Darn Funky at the Earth and Sky Observatory

Earth and Sky Observatory in New Zealand sits at a height of 1029 meters (3375 feet) above sea level atop Mount John. Flanked by the township of Lake Tekapo, the observatory has one of the clearest astronomical views in New Zealand, taking a look at galaxies and a night sky that is only available from […]

Photographing One of the World’s Highest Volcanoes

Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes that form the island of Hawai’i. Until quite recently, it was thought to be the largest volcano in the world. Photographer QT Luong, who has already given us a good look at the volcanoes of Hawai’i, took a trip to Mauna Loa and captured various aspects of […]

Stunning Landscapes of Alaska Captured by Jason Madara

Photographer Jason Madara flew through the beautiful landscapes of Alaska and captured these stunning photographs.

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