Squid Poses for the Camera

Bobtail squids aren’t exactly known for their beauty. That may be because they don’t exactly bring their photogenic side for the camera usually. Photographer Todd Bretl managed to coax the squids to show their better side, mostly by being a good photographer and hanging around enough to capture these stunning images. Cephalopods are quite well known for their ability to camouflage themselves, and their changing colors could be thought to present an excellent opportunity for photography.

Stunning Aerial Views of Poland’s Lakes Through the Seasons

Kacper Kowalski graduated with a degree in architecture, but his love for aerial photography had him hooked. His photographs show mostly unseen landscapes to a new audience, and often with a striking view. For this project, he photographed two lakes of Poland through the four seasons, one in Pomerania and the other in Kashubia. The images here show one of those lakes, and the brilliant colors, the hue and the overall feel add a magical element to these beautiful images.

Fantastic-Eccentric Facial Hair of Contestents in National Beard and Mustache Championships

Every year, people with impressive crops of facial hair gather in Las Vegas for the annual National Beard and Mustache Championship. If the image isn’t indicative enough, the name should tell you to expect some very fantastic, and some eccentric hairdos. These images of the competition were captured by photographer Greg Anderson, and have several notables at show.

A Craftily Dismantled Volkswagen

Here’s an image of a dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2. The car was in production from 1983 to 1992, during which 6.3 million Golf Mk2s were built. Here’s a closer look at the once very popular car, neatly dismantled, with its parts available for view. As a comment on TwistedSifter mentions, the photograph is the work of Hans Hansen, and was captured in 1988.

Via BrokeVW, TwistedSifter

Father Recreates Son’s Imagination in Photographs

Children have a vivid imagination, a fantastic world that is great to behold. Photographer David Niles decided to give his son a better view of his imagination, by recreating what he imagined. The project started when the four year old Nate told David about a dream he had. David has spent the last six years converting Nate’s dreams and imaginations into dreamy, surrealistic photographs.

Exploding Flowers Captured in High-Speed Photographs

High speed photography of Martin Klimas often involves around a bang, or a crash. In this case, it’s the bang that made these photographs of exploding flowers possible. To achieve the effect, the flowers were first dipped in liquid nitrogen, where the cool temperature promptly froze them. After that came the effect of a sound gun that shattered the frozen flower. All the action was captured by a high speed camera just before the flower completely went bust.