Get Mesmerized by ‘Water’

Water is what keeps humans running, and we have used, abused and marveled at it forever. Titled Water, a project by Edward Burtynsky presents a visual catalog of this most precious resource. It is currently on display at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City, and at the Flowers Gallery in London. The project has also spanned into a book and a feature documentary Watermark.

Timelapse Lets you Marvel at the Beauty of Iceland

Having seen a ton of very impressive views of Iceland’s landscapes, it seems safe to conclude that it is one absolutely beautiful country. We sort of say this a lot, but Iceland is one country whose landscapes we see looking this often more than any other country. This video was shot by Stian Rekdal, who in September this year traveled 5500 kilometers of Iceland and captured 40,000 photographs that form this video.

‘Evil’ African Lake Turns Animals Near it to Stone

Lake Natron in north Tanzania is quickly gaining infamy as the lake that turns creatures close to it into stone. Documented by photographer Nick Brandt, the eerie lake is housed in very extreme conditions. Temperatures in the lake can reach as high as 60 °C (140 °F) and its high soda and salt content gives it a pH in the range of 9 to 10.5, making it very alkaline.

Squid Poses for the Camera

Bobtail squids aren’t exactly known for their beauty. That may be because they don’t exactly bring their photogenic side for the camera usually. Photographer Todd Bretl managed to coax the squids to show their better side, mostly by being a good photographer and hanging around enough to capture these stunning images. Cephalopods are quite well known for their ability to camouflage themselves, and their changing colors could be thought to present an excellent opportunity for photography.

Stunning Aerial Views of Poland’s Lakes Through the Seasons

Kacper Kowalski graduated with a degree in architecture, but his love for aerial photography had him hooked. His photographs show mostly unseen landscapes to a new audience, and often with a striking view. For this project, he photographed two lakes of Poland through the four seasons, one in Pomerania and the other in Kashubia. The images here show one of those lakes, and the brilliant colors, the hue and the overall feel add a magical element to these beautiful images.

Fantastic-Eccentric Facial Hair of Contestents in National Beard and Mustache Championships

Every year, people with impressive crops of facial hair gather in Las Vegas for the annual National Beard and Mustache Championship. If the image isn’t indicative enough, the name should tell you to expect some very fantastic, and some eccentric hairdos. These images of the competition were captured by photographer Greg Anderson, and have several notables at show.