Lovely Portraits of Dogs With Human Emotions

Photographer Ralph Hargarten captures these lovely, awww-inducing photographs of dogs where they seem to be showing human emotions. They say dogs are incapable of displaying facial expressions, those of us who love dogs would probably disagree, especially in the moments after seeing these photographs.

Photographing the Glowy Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

Working near the Philippines and Thailand, British scuba diver and diving instructor Alex Tyrrell had plenty of opportunity to capture photographs of ocean life in a way that is a rare sight. Seen under normal light, these creatures would perhaps not command so much attention, but presented with filters, they look stunningly out of the […]

Sarcastic Posters Highlight Ridiculous Demands People Make From Photographers

Being a photographer is no easy job, especially since a lot of people assume it to be nothing more than pointing a camera and shooting. Posters by Shoppe Designs show just how ridiculous the expectations and demands people throw at photographers can be. Prints available at Zazzle.

Incredible Timelapse Uses Family Photos, Sees the Imperceptible Effects of Aging [video]

Incredible and amazing would be understatements to use in describing this project. Artist and filmmaker Anthony Cerniello shows the nearly imperceptible process of aging through this mind blowing video. The clip is titled Danielle, possibly as a reference to Anthony’s friend who plays a very important role in the creation of the video. At Thanksgiving […]

Stunning Landscape Photography by Reuben Wu

Landscape photographer Reuben Wu has a talent for capturing absolutely stunning images, in some of which our very own planet seems transformed into an alien land, or a world imagined in surrealism. Of course, much of these are wonders of the camera and the landscapes of earth, captured dramatically and in all their glory by […]

NASA’s Rocket Launch Seen in Backdrop of NYC Skyline [pic]

As the Minotaur V rocket carrying the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer flew off into the sky, this image was captured by photographer Ben Cooper. The image was taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center, which is about 200 miles away from NASA’s launchpad in Wallop Island, Virginia. The image captures New York […]

Photos Show The Surprising Change of Low Tide Versus High Tide

We are all very well acquainted with the concept of high tide and low tide, though seeing the two effects in quick succession with the availability of a reference point changes things entirely. Images by Michael Marten show the wonders of change of tides, and how completely they change their surroundings.

Sony Shows Brilliant ‘Lens Style Cameras’ Specifically Made to Work With Smartphones

Sony’s new QX series Lens Style Cameras are brilliant. A good chunk of photographs come from the very capable smartphones almost everyone carries these days. In the same vein, cameras too have evolved into digital settings and many of their components overlap with those available in smartphones. Sony is putting the two in a union […]

Japanese Monkey ‘Dancers’ Dressed up in Human Garbs

Unlike the majority of such portraits that we see, these are not rendered digitally. The apes you see here are the Japanese Samurawashi, who are trained street performing monkeys often dressed up in human clothes to act out skits. US-based photographer Hiroshi Watanabe captured portraits of these very human-like apes in human-like clothing, for a […]

Couple Get Horror Themed Engagement Photoshoot, Present It As Comic Strip

A Hungarian couple added more action and story to their engagement photoshoot by introducing the classic elements of a horror movie. The couple initially wanted a horror themed photoshoot, the wedding photography group ElvenPhoto one-upped the idea by presenting the shoot as a comic book story. It is quite a set, check it out. We […]

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