BMW Draws a Rad Gaming PC Concept

BMW Designworks USA have a thing for computers. They have earlier designed the Thermaltake Level 10 PC, a gaming mouse, and now, another concept gaming PC designed by BMW and to be (possibly) made by ASRock. Given BMW’s design prowess, there’s no way the concept could have looked bad, but it does better than just look good. M8 Gaming PC has one transparent side so you can stare at the innards of the machine so you can marvel at the interiors just like you would at the exteriors.

AquariusPC Runs Submerged in an Aquarium

Talk about a super cooled PC, the Aquarius always runs chilled. We guess that may be because these custom made computers spend their lives under water, which also eliminates the need of a fan. The pieces follow the looks of some of the best known tropical destinations like Miami, Bali and Marrakech. Each with its own set of specialties and some kick ass configurations. Aquarius PCs Aquarius PCs are the work of Francesco Hofer. Bali and Miami models are priced at $599, while the Marakech trip is slightly cheaper at $532.

ClockWorx PC Case Mod

Mods Rigs member chrisweezel made the ClockWorx PC case mod in something of a “Steampunk” style. The case is open air and welded together with a variety of scrap and recycled materials. We wouldn’t call it exactly Steampunk because it so conspicuously misses the shiny brass and clockwork we have come to expect from modern Steampunkish creations, but it does look something of a V-Twin all set to fire off.

Well, hello there, Cyber Girl PC casemod

We’re not entirely sure if this PC Casemod has been made for people way deep into cybersex, but the scantily clad PC casemod does make us think that way. Sexy Cyber Girl casemod resides in a mannequin with her innards stuffed with AMD’s Athlon64 X2 4000 + Dual Core, 300 GB hard drive, 2 GB DDR2 memory, and external DVD burner. And then there are her scary white LED eyes that represent hard drive activity.

Ecopad tablet PC concept shows love for the environment by powering itself

Banking on the idea that touch interfaces are the best way for humans to interact with a machine, designers Jun-se Kim, Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo developed a concept for the Ecopad tablet PC. The environmentally friendly tablet does not rely on an external power source to charge it up. It makes use of a layer of piezoelectric crystals just under the screen to generate the requisite power for the device. Of course, piezoelectric tech will have to go a long way for an idea like this to ever see the face of production.

PC people and Mac people [infographic]

The lines between Mac and PC have always been drawn, and this infographic from Hunch takes them to the people. Researchers put data from about 700,000 people from its website visitors and created a graphic showing just how different these people really are. It would appear the differences really are noteworthy, going around the platform of choice. Full image after the jump.

Via: Mashable

Hammerhead HMR989 PC has some flair

Talk about pretty PCs, and we’re very sure the Hammerhead HMR989 will now occupy some corner of your mind. Designed by Matthew Kim for DARWINmachine, the system takes an inside-out approach. Innards of the computer are clearly visible on the outside, while the panels and case seem to have moved towards the interiors. The effect is further accentuated by the bright blue LEDs on the system. The PC has a 40GB SSD supported by a 640GB front load hot-swap hard drive, 2.8Ghz Core i7-860 CPU, and an nVidia ENGTX460 graphics card. Priced at $2900.

Via: DARWINmachine, technabob

Gaming PC – Xbox combo to show up at CES

Origin PC has put a gaming PC and an Xbox 360 inside one liquid-cooled box, and they’ll be showing the hybrid at CES. As Gizmodo puts it,

The Big O features a high performance liquid cooled overclocked gaming PC AND a liquid cooled Xbox 360 Slim inside one system. The starting configuration combines the power of an Intel Core i7 930 processor overclocked to 4.9GHz, dual NVidia GTX480 graphics cards, and 6GB of Corsair Dominator memory at 1600 MHz into one beefy, completely water-cooled monstrosity of a gaming rig.

Pricing for the system will start at $7,669, going to $16,669 for the high-end version.

Via: Gizmodo

The Camaro PC has plenty horsepower for processing

Camaro being one of the best muscle cars out there, we’d expect it to lend the CPU some horses when it comes to processing. Or well, just be an awesome case. The Camaro PC is a scale model of the Camaro filled with computing essentials, powered by a dualcore Intel Atom processor and running Windows 7. The front bumper sports a DVD RW optical drive, the car’s headlights turn on to when power is switched on, while its tail-lamps flash when the hard disk is active. Costs $1240.

Via: NewLaunches