Nissan Takes on the Snow With Nissan 370Zki Roadster

Nissan 370Zki

Nissan has its heart set on tackling the snow, with the all new 370Zki Roadster concept (pronounced unsurprisingly as 370 Ski). Built off the stock 370Z, the ‘roadster’ still got its powerful 332 hp engine. Of course, it requires more work than stripping out wheels and slapping on skis. Nissan partnered with American Track Truck to get this rear-wheel powered snowmobile ready for show.

Nissan Forest AC Uses Aromatherapy To Keep The Driver Alert

Nissan’s new Forest AC system adopts a rather unorthodox way of keeping the driver alert. Unlike other systems that draw the driver’s attention through sound or lights, this one uses the sense of smell. Like any other air conditioner, it controls temperature, humidity, and ventilation; as an added feature, it controls aroma as well. Based on a research that found people to be more alert in “natural breezes,” the system simulates the same effect. So it may release the fragrance of wood and leaves to maintain the driver’s attention. It is scheduled to debut later this year in the Nissan Fuga.