Supercut of Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Ever

For most of his movie career, Arnold Schwarzenegger has spent his time killing. Well, he’s mostly dispatched the bad guys, but this guy has a kill sheet that is significantly huge. Schwarzenegger has a kill count of 509 people for his movie career, and all of them have been squeezed into this 28 minute video you can see above. Schwarzenegger’s fictional kill count is truly impressive, considering it is four more than the confirmed real life sniper kills by Simo Häyhä a.k.a White Death.

Parents and Baby Adorably Recreate Movies With Cardboard

Cardboard Box Office Parents and Child Recreate Movie Scenes With Cardboard
Cast Away

Having moved to a different country, Lilly and Leon Mackie noticed they had accumulated several cardboard boxes. Now the general idea in this situation would be to store or recycle the boxes, but the couple decided to go along a third option. This option led them straight to creating faux movie sets and scenes with the boxes, and acting out said scenes together with their newborn son Orson.