Star Trek Into Darkness [Trailer]

The first trailers of Star Trek: Into Darkness have hit the web. The Japanese trailer is slightly longer than the international version and ends with a nod to “Wrath of Khan.”

Tom Hanks’ Memorable Roles in Cartoon Form

Through his career, Tom Hanks has shown up in numerous wonderful movies, playing wonderful characters. This illustration by Jeff Victor puts the memorable roles of Tom Hanks as a note of the evolution of his career. Via UnrealityMag

Film Art As Cartoons ‘Rated G’

Rated G is a series and gallery show by artist Justin White where he presents movie scenes in a playful, cartoonish way. Numerous famous films and TV shows have shown up in his illustrations, check ‘em out.

The Sound of Skyfall [video]

A little story of music in the latest James Bond saga.

A Dentist’s Appointment You Just Can’t Miss [pic]

Reddit user edditorRay‘s roommate apparently has the coolest dentist who might also be a time traveler.

But Wait, There’s More: Disney Movies With Star Wars Flavor

Ever since the galaxies of Star Wars and Disney have collided, the sparks have given rise to quite a few rumors and opinions on the matter; some serious, and some fun like the set we have here. These could be the potential movie titles, should Disney and Star Wars decide to come closer and interweave […]

IMDB’s Top 250 Movies in 2 1/2 Minutes [video]

An excellent supercut that mashes up IMDB’s top 250 movies in just two and a half minutes.

Iron Man 3 [trailer]

Iron Man 3 is set for a release on April 26, 2013.

The Princess Bride Themed Posters

Artist Nathan Pyle has a sweet set of posters based off the movie The Princess Bride. Some of these are available as prints and T-shirts.

Disney/Pixar Posters Take a Simplistic Form

Simple, minimalist posters often show up, and as simpletons we do have to write about them. Here’s another set focused on Disney Pixar movie posters reduced to minimalist interpretations. Oddly enough, we found it difficult to recognize Woody; what is that shiny helmet like thingy? Posters are available at Etsy shop Poster Inspired.