Vanellope’s Kart From ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

DeviantArt user IkariyaManga created this “real life” version of Vanellope’s car from Wreck-It Ralph. Creating the 13lb prop took 3-4 weeks. The car is collapsible so it can be easily transported and be assembled with the same ease. It may not be made of all the delicacies that Vanellope’s car had, but we doubt Ralph was out helping creating this one in the video game world.

Best Films From Past 85 Years Morphed Into Oscar Statues

Artist Olly Moss took movies from the past 85 years that had won Oscars, and then proceeded to convert the Oscar for that year in the image of the movie. Created for Gallery1988‘s new show For Your Consideration the set features the “Best Picture” award winning movies. Click here for the full, gigantic image and head over to IMDB for the list of the award winning movies.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Movie Scenes

This time around, Cracked has a collection of images showing the well known, and mostly not so well known facts about movie scenes. It also happens to be an uneasy door to facts you might not want to know. Of course, some of the “facts” are contestable, to say the least. The winner of the contest says Wookie suits are made from human hair, while it would seem more likely that they were fashioned out of yak hair and mohair. Nitpicking aside, checkout the fun facts and relax in the glory of new found knowledge.

Famous Scary Spooks Get a Cartoon Life

These scary, murderous spooks have globally caused way more sleepless nights than what we would care to count. They quite refuse to give up their spooky DNA, even when presented in a slightly more easy going form like cartoon illustrations. No sir, these things have blood on their mind, and even in cartoon illustrations by DeviantArt user thurZ, blood is exactly what they crave.