Concept Art For Elysium

As the movie Elysium is released, the startling and cool concept art from the movie deserves a mention. It’s a movie based in a universe of opposites, the poor and dirty Earth, and the rich heaven of a colony that gives the movie its name. Of course, both of the places would have to be treated way differently, the absolutely packed and dirty Los Angeles of 2154, the vehicles, the technology, and of course, the grandeur of Elysium.

Floor Plans for Famous Television Show Houses


Spanish interior designer and artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde probably watches TV and movies with a great interest in the setting, which is what would apparently lead him to have a good enough understanding of the appearances of the sets to actually devise well detailed floor plans for them. The floor plans are well detailed, not just with architectural details of these habitations, but also with a good eye for the interiors and appearances these places keep. Prints available on Etsy.