Popular Movies Locations Presented as Travel Posters

In the movie universe, characters get to visit exotic places. Many of them are real, but some come out of fiction to create dream-like worlds that could be loved. For this set, South Africa’s Studio Muti worked with FoxP2 to create posters for Ster-Kinekor Theaters, South Africa’s leading cinema house. They illustrated posters for four movie destinations, camouflaging them in the look and design of conventional travel posters.

If Pixar Made Pulp Classics

It probably would not be a wise course of action to imagine if certain movies would be better if Pixar managed them, but imagining things sure works wonders. Artist Phil Postma imagines what classic pulp movies would have looked like, with Pixar running the show. We’re just glad for the nostalgia that this set brings back. Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Dick Tracy, and The Shadow. Might be worth the time to watch all these again, might be even better.