You Wouldn’t Have Any Love for the Scientifically Accurate ‘Finding Nemo’

Now that Pixar is hard at work on Finding Dory, it is only natural that we revisit the earlier awesome movie, Finding Nemo. The Pixar animation team working on Finding Nemo had to take a graduate class in fish biology so that the movements and natural habitats of the fish depicted were very close to real. Pixar also developed software specially for the movie, which made the jellyfish scene as close to reality as possible. Apparently, had Pixar been that interested in keeping the movie close to real, it would have had an entirely different story line.

Supercut of Last Shots in Blockbuster Movie Trailers

Evan Puschak set himself on the path of creating a supercut from the last shots of blockbuster movie trailers. According to Puschak, blockbuster movies have gotten bigger, so have their trailers; evidently, editors would sit through the movie to find that one glorious shot for the trailer which would leave a solid impression on the viewers. Going by this supercut, we’ll say they’ve been doing a pretty good job.


Audi Cooks Up a Futuristic Concept for Ender’s Game Movie

A futuristic film needs a futuristic car. Audi rose to the challenge for the upcoming sci-fi film Ender’s Game and cooked up a car that would go with the future world as presented in the screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s 1985 novel. The Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro is a purely virtual car that will exist only as a computer generated effect in the movie. However, even the virtual car has to look futuristic, and since Audi is the one making it, they wanted to preserve their design ideals for the car of the future.

Concept Art For Elysium

As the movie Elysium is released, the startling and cool concept art from the movie deserves a mention. It’s a movie based in a universe of opposites, the poor and dirty Earth, and the rich heaven of a colony that gives the movie its name. Of course, both of the places would have to be treated way differently, the absolutely packed and dirty Los Angeles of 2154, the vehicles, the technology, and of course, the grandeur of Elysium.