Mondo Man of Steel Art Posters

Mondo have a reputation for high quality and artistic posters. Man of Steel being the biggest fish floating around at the moment, it makes perfect sense for Mondo to have posters related to Superman. They have a set of two posters, one by Ken Taylor shows Clark Kent as a boy running in a field […]

300: Rise of an Empire [trailer]

It’s almost surprising no one knew they were making a sequel to 300! Well, it’s close to be real, and here’s the trailer for the new movie. In theaters March next year.

Movies Hipster Kits

It isn’t easy being a hipster and keep up with all the references. Thankfully, Paris based graphic designer Alizée Lafon has that taken care of with this Movies (and TV?) Hipster Kit where prints show the highlights from each set. You can buy the print versions here.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [first trailer]

Here’s the first trailer for the second movie in The Hobbit trilogy. The action packed trailer promises the second movie to be as good, if not better than the first. It will be out December 13.

‘Honest’ Disney Movie Titles

Christine Gritmon of TheFW re-imagined Disney movie posters to say what would be the “true” title of the movie. Once you start getting critical, those movies aren’t all warm and mushy. Plus, being brutally “honest” doesn’t seem to quite pay in terms of movie titles. Checkout more humorous honest titles after the jump.

Man of Steel [new trailer]

There it is, the latest trailer of Man of Steel, as the world looks on with hope towards this being the first Superman movie in years. The last one, being a turd does not count.

Hollywood Golden Age Star Chart

Hollywood movies have been given a place in the constellations with this chart. Golden Age Star Chart by studio Dorothy arranges movies as stars on the known constellations in the sky, in the process renaming the stars and constellations with movies. The chart pays a homage to some of the best known movies that have […]

Awesome Treehouse Theater in France

This is one of those things that deserve being called “epic”. That also takes more meaning because theater was specially built for the screening of the “making of” for the movie Epic. To go along the setting of the movie, a special theater was set up in a forest in France, raised among the trees. […]

Classic Movies, Now Starring Daleks

Daleks have taken the road to fame, seeking it on the silver screen. Illustrations by artist Anthony Naylor aka Tone put Daleks on the posters of well known movies, giving them a chance to take their villainy to the movie world and perhaps find some good in themselves. Or it’s a future where they are […]

How Disney Used Live Models For Animation in the ’50s

Animating in the early days of its technology wasn’t an easy job to do, as animators would use a Rotoscope to draw over a live action film. A tedious job, and one not so easily accomplished. These photographs show how some of the early Disney animated movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella came […]

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