So This Headset Looks Like a Hand

Handiheadset will lend you a hand when you need it, or more appropriately, stick it to your ear. This handset is designed like a… well, hand making the “call me” sign. At the end of the thumb is the speaker, while the fingertip sports the mic.

Razer Junglecat Brings Tactile Controls to Your Smartphone

Gaming on the smartphone is ever increasing, and as much as we love those games, several of them run into controller related problems. Well of course, there are several options that offer tactile controls, again several of them need to be placed on the screen itself and cover some of the action on the screen.

Hardcore Armor for Your iPhone

Being a phone is not an easy job, especially when in the hands of someone prone to dropping the phone every now and then. If that describes the risk your phone runs, or even if you are generally careful about the safety of your phone, [BRIC+]extreme might just be the case you need.

Google’s Modular Smartphone Launch in January Next Year

Modular cellphones are a neat concept. Rather than buying a new phone once the technology gets outdated, you could simply swap the outdated part for the brand new one. In a simple sense, it is this idea that forms the basis of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone.

Concept Makes the iPhone 6 Holographic

Projections are so the next thing! For the past few years, they have become a symbol of the future, and sure, things do seem headed the right way. A brand new concept from Italian designers Set Solution imagine the upcoming iPhone 6 with the capability of holographic projection. According to the concept, this would allow […]

Tiny Nokia Fit Phone Sits On Your Finger, Somehow Works

Smartphones today can do the traditional job of the phone, plus a hell lot of things. Perhaps you would like a phone just for making phone calls, well, then the modern technology is sufficiently placed to create a tiny phone you wouldn’t have to carry around in your pockets. Nokia FIT is a concept phone […]

Bra Only Comes Off For True Love

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has designed a bra that promises to only open up for “true love” and potentially save women from things like one-night stands that they may later find unsavory. To put it straight and simple, the True Love Tester bra won’t come off until it is sure you are truly in love, […]

What the World Would Look Like if Cell Phone Signals Were Visible

Visual artist Nikolay Lamm is back with a new set which makes us look at the invisible. Quite like his previous set of visualized WiFi signals, this one takes a look at what the world would appear if our cell phone signals were readily visible. The visualizations look at different cities, like Chicago, NYC, Washington […]

iDiot: A Short to Celebrate the Greatest Idiot Box Ever

The television has been universally regarded as the “idiot box” ever since it came into being. It sits so firm on the title, we seem to have forgotten the new, improved idiot box that rolled around: the smartphone. iDiot is a very cute animation that takes a dig at our smartphone addiction, more specifically, the […]

Classic Art Awash With Modern Gadgets

Long ago, before the days of people sitting together and choosing to play on their smartphones rather than communicating, existed an age where there were no gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, that age of savagery is now over. We can’t change what went down in the past, but we can change how we see […]

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