Tivoli Creates "Tower of Babel" With 1000 Radios

At the Milan Design Week, Tivoli created a tower more than 15 feet in length from 1,000 radios. Tivoli got together with Ilaria Marelli to make the tower a reality. The purpose of the structure was to highlight Tivoli’s collaboration with furniture designer Giulio Cappellini.Dvice

Liquid Story – Mesmerizing Magnetic Art

Adidas Original’s “Liquid Story” sculpture by Felice Limosani was displayed at the Milan Design Week. Two futuristic cones are positioned one over the other, and filled with 300kg of electromagnetic lifting magnets and 10 liters of resin. When the magnets interact, the sculpture takes the spiky shape of the magnetic field. designboom

Morfojet Armchair Makes Thrones Look Sissy

Morfojet Armchair is about all cool as it gets. Designer Gianni Pedone displayed his jet turbine inspired armchair at the Milan Design Week, and he has added a bit of functions to go with the design. It has a built-in CD player with speakers and an AUX input to plug mp3 players. It’s only a […]