A Very Batmobile-Like Mercedes SL GTR Concept

An independent concept by designer Mark Hostler, the very Batmobile like Mercedes SL GTR Concept as a supercar for the 21st century. Trying to live up to its aggressive look and design, the concept has been endowed with race car chassis, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter V8 sourced from the Nissan GTR GT1. Wait… why does the Mercedes have a Nissan engine? Because concept, that’s why.

Mercedes Benz Concept Style

Mercedes Benz unveiled a bold new design in the shape of the Concept Style at the Beijing Motor Show. The sedan is likely to go into production by the end of this year. It would be amazing if it does manage to carry off its bold looks and futuristic style into production, although experience tells us much of that will likely be dropped at the assembly line. The concept is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that sends 211hp to all four wheels.

Dynamic Mercedes Concept Takes Inspiration From a Very Unlikely Source

It is fairly common for designers to take inspiration from the everyday, and apply the same in their work. That seems to have worked very well so far, but few eyebrows are bound to be raised when a designer claims inspiration from a trout… for a supercar. Designer Apostol Tnokovski’s Mercedes SLK Aphelios is an independent design concept that is shaped very well like a supercar, and yet claims its origins from the humble trout.

Mercedes Inspired 320 Concept Tourbillion Watch

Drawing inspiration from the classy and stylish 1937 Mercedes 320 Convertible, designer Marko Petrovic came up with this design study. Named 320 Concept Tourbillion watch after its inspiration, the watch goes all out on Mercedes style and appearance, with the star shining on top and a very speedometer-like face for the watch. You know, interesting stuff.

Mercedes F125 Concept Shows the Future With Hydrogen Power and Gestural Interface

Mercedes unveiled its idea of the future with the F125 Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. F125 concept is a futuristic zero emission vehicle powered by hydrogen. The car is propelled by a hydrogen-electric hybrid engine and the fuel tank is the body of the car itself! Driving range for the concept is 650 miles, which beats competition by far. Especially since these won’t be throwing out any exhausts at all.

Designer Makes a Dragon out of the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

Mercedes 300 SL gullwing has its claim to fame with its exceptional design, and of course, the gullwing doors that rule the roost. But it could have been infinitely more badass if the gullwings were instead dragon wings. That is what designer MohammadReza Khosravi has done with these renderings. The headlamps have given way to dragon head ornaments with bright red eyes, and the iconic gullwing doors have been replaced by dragon wings. Interiors have been given a similar treatment to go along the exteriors.

Aria concept so wants to be the Merc of the future

In his quest to create a timeless design, designer Slavche Tanevski made use of inspiration from the looks of violin, Coca Cola bottle and the female form (obviously) to create the minty fresh look of the Mercedes Benz Aria design study. Rather than being fixed to the exterior, the car’s interior has been “wired” to a copper skeleton, making it very easy to customize, and change, perhaps even replace. The concept makes lavish use of aluminum and copper in its construction. Apparently, the concept would be full of comfort and luxury, providing passengers the Mercedes Benz style of the future.

Mercedes and Lego co-create the largest Technic model

Lego and Mercedes have come together to create the largest Technic model till date. Based on the multi-purpose Unimog U 400 truck, the 1:12.5 scale set will include 2048 parts and be ready for Unimog’s various applications. The extremely detailed model also features pneumatically operated crane gripper arm capable of rotating almost 360 degrees via an electrically controlled turntable, and a front winch that can be converted into a snow plow. To be available in August, the model will be priced around $260.

Via: Gizmag