Slow Life: A Macrophotography Timelapse of Coral, Sponges and Marine Life

Slow Life is a beautiful look in macrophotography at the growth of marine life like coral and sponges. Created by University of Queensland PhD student Daniel Stoupin, the video was made using more than 150,000 photographs. The photographs were initially captured to study various elements of coral and sponge behavior, and after some months the […]

Butterfly Wings Make Beautiful Patterns in Macrophotographs

Everybody loves colorful butterfly wings, and they’re just as beautiful and colorful up close. Photographer Linden Gledhill has a penchant for macrophotography, and one of her series focuses on a closer look at butterfly wings. They are beautiful, so is their slight resemblance to flower petals.

Macrophotographs of Spiders Staring Right Into Your Soul

Photographer Jimmy Kong has this wonderful collection of macrophotographs of spiders, where they seem to have focused all their beady eyes right at the camera, apparently with the motive of stealing your soul. Or making it shit bricks, or whatever it is that souls do. His work also involves several other insects, but spideys are […]

Stunning Snowflake Images Captured by a Rather Simplistic Setup

Russian Photographer Alexey Kljatov‘s DIY camera rig doesn’t quite look impressive at first glance. Then you take a look at the images he captures, and suddenly the camera rig appears pretty darn sweet. At the basics, Alexey made use of a board, screws, glass, some tape and the lens of an old camera to create […]

Insect BFFs in Macrophotography

Macrophotographs by Nordin Seruyan puts insects and bugs together in a setting that looks totally adorable. Insect BFFs just hanging out, having a good time.

Insect Macrophotographs Let You Despise Them Closer

Macrophotography is cool in ways that it lets us take a look at things we wouldn’t notice. Perhaps it is about the angle you capture them with, or about the sheer ugliness of something, that things don’t always look good in photographs. Take a look at these insect macrophotographs coming from the USGS Bee Inventory […]

Close up Shots Show A Good Look at Honey Bees

The world hosts about 20,000 species of bees, out of which 4000 can be found in North America. The US Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring program spent 10 years capturing photographs of the insects and documenting them in great detail.

Macrophotography by Wil Mijer

Based in the Netherlands, photographer Wil Mijer loves to take a closer look at butterflies and frogs for a very eye catching set of macrophotographs. The photographer however rues the fact that many species and habitats of butterflies have disappeared from the Netherlands and she has to go to Belgium or Germany to capture the […]

Macro Images Show Ants At War

Ants are powerful little fighters who are not afraid of going to war. Photographer Alex Wild‘s set Ants Fighting shows numerous macro photographs of ants going to war. Once you take a look at the images, you realize this isn’t something you can just stroll and see. The photographer traveled over large areas of the […]

Lovely Macrophotography of Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles are generally cute but in the photography of Thomas Jane they transform into something that is very lovely, with a generous helping of psychedelic appearance. Never thought I’d say this, but soap bubbles, I’m impressed.

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